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Venom lyrics

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Venom lyrics

Album: Welcome To Hell (1981)
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   Sons Of Satan
   Welcome To Hell
   Live Like An Angel (Die, Like A Devil)
   Witching Hour
   One Thousand Days In Sodom
   Angel Dust
   In League With Satan
   Red Light Fever

Album: Black Metal (1982)
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   At War with Satan
   Black Metal
   To Hell and Back
   Buried Alive
   Raise the Dead
   Teachers Pet
   Leave me in Hell
   Heavens on Fire
   Countess Bathory
   Don't Burn the Witch

Album: At War With Satan (1984)
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   At War With Satan
   Rip Ride
   Cry Wolf
   Stand up and be Counted
   Women Leather and Hell

Album: Posessed (1985)
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   Suffer Not The Children
   Too Loud (For The Crowd)
   Harmony Dies
   Were Gonna Burn This Place To The Ground

Album: Compilation Tracks 81-86 (1986)
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   Senile Decay
   Bitch Witch
   Snots Shit
   Hounds Of Hell
   Sadist (Mistress Of The Whip)
   Dead On Arrival

Album: The Singles 80-86 (1986)
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   In League With Satan
   Live Like An Angel
   Blood Lust
   In Nomine Satanas
   Die Hard
   Acid Queen
   Bursting Out
   Seven Gates Of Hell
   Lady Lust
   Dead Of The Night

Album: Temples Of Ice (1991)
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   Even In Heaven
   Trinity MCMXLV 0530
   In Memory Of (Paul Miller 1964-90)
   Faerie Tale
   Speed King
   Temples Of Ice

Album: Eine Kleine Nachtmusik (Live) (1986)
Buy Eine Kleine Nachtmusik (Live) (1986) CD

   Leave Me In Hell
   Too Loud (For The Crowd)
   Witching Hour
   Black Metal
   Fly Trap
   Buried Alive
   Love Amongst The Dead
   In Nomine Satanas
   The Chanting Of The Priests
   7 Gates Of Hell

Album: Cast In Stone (1997)
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   The Evil One
   Raised In Hell
   All Devils Eve
   Destroyed & Damned
   Domus Mundi
   Flight Of The Hydra
   God's Forsaken
   Kings Of Evil

Album: Resurrection (2000)
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   War Against Christ
   All There Is Fear
   Black Flame [Of Satan]
   Control Freak
   Man Myth & Magic

Album: Calm Before The Storm (1987)
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   Under A Spell
   Krakin Up
   Beauty And The Beast
   Black Xmas
   The Chanting Of The Priests
   Metal Punk
   Calm Before The Storm

Album: Prime Evil (1989)
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   Skeletal Dance
   I Agree
   Harder Than Ever
   Into The Fire
   School Daze
   Prime Evil
   Blackened Are The Priests

Album: Tear Your Soul Apart (1990)
Buy Tear Your Soul Apart (1990) CD

   Angel Dust
   Skool Daze
   The Ark
   Burstin' Out

Album: The Waste Lands (1992)
Buy The Waste Lands (1992) CD

   Riddle Of Steel
   Need To Kill
   Kissing The Beast
   Shadow King
   I'm Paralysed
   Black Legions

Album: Metal Black (2006)
Buy Metal Black (2006) CD

   Death & Dying
   Rege Satanas
   Darkest Realm
   A Good Day To Die
   Lucifer Rising
   Blessed Dead
   Sleep When I'm Dead
   Metal Black
   Burn In Hell
   House Of Pain
   Hours Of Darkness

Album: Canadian Assault (1985)
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   Die Hard (Live)
   Welcome To Hell (Live)
   In Nomine Satanas (Live)
   Seven Gates Of Hell

Album: Bloodlust / In Nominai Satanas (1992)
Buy Bloodlust / In Nominai Satanas (1992) CD

   In Nominai Satanas

Album: In Memorium (1993)
Buy In Memorium (1993) CD

   Angel Dust (Demo, 1980)
   Raise The Dead (Demo, 1980)
   Red Light Fever (Demo, 1980)
   Buried Alive
   Witching Hour
   At War With Satan
   Under A Spell
   Nothing Sacred
   Dead Love
   Welcome To Hell
   Black Metal
   Countess Bathory (Live)
   1000 Days In Sodom
   Prime Evil

Album: Hell (2008)
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   Straight To Hell
   The Power And The Glory
   Hand Of God
   Fall From Grace
   Evil Perfection
   Stab U In The Back
   Kill The Music
   Evilution Devilution
   Blood Sky
   USA For Satan
   Dirge - The Awakening

Album: Fallen Angels (2011)
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   Hail Satanas
   Pedal To The Metal
   Lap Of The Gods
   Damnation Of Souls
   Fallen Angels
   Punk's Not Dead
   Death Be Thy Name
   Valley Of The Kings
   Lest We Forget
   Annunaki Legacy
   Blackened Blues

Venom lyrics

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