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Album: Morally Wrong
   Well Of Happiness
   Judged By Appearence
   Solitary Minned
Album: Theatric Symbolization Of Life
   Lack Of Personality
   Four Walls
   Theatric Symbolisation Of Life
   Like An Ivy
   Kill Your Idols
   The Truth Begins, Where Man Stops To Think
   What A Nerve
   Alternative - Another Trend
   Mutilated Regurgitator
   The Accident
   Threshold To Senility
   Forced Pollution
   Consuming Endoderme Pus
   Playing With Lifes
   Splattered Brains
   Well Of Happiness
   Judged By Appearance
   Solitary Minded
   Trust? Not Me
   Lay Off Me
   Gorgonised Dorks
Album: Black Clouds Determinate
   Sentimental Hypocrisy
   Megalomanic Stupidity
   Hangman's Dance
   Blackclouds Determinate
   Ubermensch Hilarity
   Triple murder flesh
   Europe's Fairytale
   Well of Hapiness
   Theatric Symbolization Of Life
Album: split with Averno
   What A Nerve
   Hideous Headchopping
   Kill Your Fucking Idols
   Get Off Your Ass
   Squeeze Anton
   Senseless Trip
   An Abstract
Album: Distrust And Abuse (1995 EP)
   Sieg Shit
   Hideous Head-Chopping
   Bigheaded Bastards
   Get Off Your Ass
   Distrust And Abuse
Album: Razor Sharp Daggers
   A Start At Least
   Clean the Scene
   A for Arrogance
   Thy Kingdom Won't Come
   Media Creations
   All Gone
   Swallow or Choke
   Razor Sharp Daggers
   Throwing Away Crap
   Cracking up Solidarity
   Didn't Ask
   Twisting History
   Deserves to Die
   Age of the Mutants
   Hash-head, Farmer's Death
   Dare to be Aware
   Kiss an Ass
   All Love Dead
   Sieg Shit
   Hideous Headchopping
   Bigheaded Bastards
   Get off your Ass
   Distrust and Abuse
   Hippie Cult
   Provoked Behaviour
Album: Robotized (Split with Depression)
   Drug-Induced Fantasies
   Kids For Cash
   Get A Life
   No Remorse
   Thanks For Your Hostility
   Criminalisation Of Strange Behaviour
Album: Thanks For Your Hostility
   Criminalisation of Strange Behaviour
   Life Control
   Until it Bleeds
   End of the Line
   Doctor Wished Me
   Knock Back
   Thanks for your Hostility
   Hatred is the Cure
   Be your own God
   Cheers Mankind Cheers
   No Use...Hatred
   My Reason
   No One's Right
   Sheer Neglect
   Is There a Place ?
Album: Split with Blood Suckers
   About A Fascist
   Proud To Be Out
   Snuff Is Not Tough
Album: To Serve... To Protect (1999)
   Bomb The Bastard
   Judged Too Soon
   Wage War
   To Serve... To Protect
   Hand In Hand
   Homes Not Domes
   Full Of Hatred
   Who Cares
   Euro Nomous
   One Sided View
   Wrong Way
   I Thought
   Living In Hell
   Cool Fools
Album: Agathocles Signos Del Tiempo (AGATHOCLES AVERNO) (1994)
   What A Nerve
   Hideous Headchopping
   Kill Your Fucking Idols
   We Don't Need No Labels
   Get Off Your Ass
   Squeeze Anton
   Senseless Trip
   An Abstract
Album: A For Arrogance (AGATHOCLES AURITAR) (1996)
   Libidinous Urges
   Hate-My Mate
   A For Arrogance
   Thy Kingdom Won't Come
Album: Humarrogance (1997)
   Model Citizen
   Let's Feel Alright
   As Years Pass By
   It Bothers Me
   White Horse
   Ain't I?
   Beam Me Up, Scotty
   Ice Brick
   Culture of Degradation
   Closed Down
   Alright, Let's Feel
   Kneel and Pay
   I Can't Stand
   Smelling the Odours of Death
   The Bastards Have Landed
   About A Fascist
   Proud To Be Out
   Snuff Is Not Tough
Album: Robotized Böses Blut (AGATHOCLES DEPRESSION) (1997)
   Drug-Induced Fantasies
   Kids For Cash
   Get A Life
   No Remorse
   Thanks For Your Hostility
   Criminalisation Of A Strange Behaviour
   Is It Really Mine?
   Wir Fahren Geges Nazis
Album: Superiority Overdose (2001)
   Raw War
   You Bet
   Autonomy Melts
   Bait Of The State
   Take A Piss
   Bureaucracy Versus Efficiency
   The Aim Is The Same
   Saturday-Night Swindle
   Directed By The U.S.
   Hand In Hand
   Smash To Nothingness
   Superiority Overdose
   Proud To Be Out
   Chop Off Their Genitals
   At Random
   Save Your Soul
   No Sign Of Unity
   Made Of Babies
   Useless Judgement
Album: Live In Aalst, Belgium, 1989 (AGATHOCLES GODSTOMPER) (2002)
   Christianity Means Tyranny
   Big One
   Majesty Of Fools
Album: Agatho Grave (AGATHOCLES UNHOLY GRAVE) (2003)
   Maniacal Discharge
   Human Mummification
   Kim After Kim
Album: Frost Bitten Death Nolme (AGATHOCLES DIOS HASTÍO) (2005)
   Frost Bitten Death
   Hit It Again
   The World Owes Them A Living
Album: other songs
   Drug Induced Fantasies
   Ego Generosity
   Go Fucking Nihilist
   Hate My Mate
   He Cared
   Is It Really Mine
   Is There A Place
   Mankinds Not Kind
   No Ones Right
   No Use Hatred
   Progress Or Stupidity
   Reduced To An Object
   Thy Kingdom Wont Come

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