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Album: Aida

The Judgement Hall

AMNERIS approaches RADAMES and AIDA as the GUARDS pull them apart to put

chains on them, AIDA is dragged to stage left, leaving RADAMES and AMNERIS

in the center.


Amneris. I never meant to hurt you.

(Suddenly drums sound, announcing PHARAOH'S arrival. MINISTERS and SOLDIERS

begin to file on upstage. AMNERIS is panicked.)


Radames, if you deny everything there is a chance. My father might spare your

life. Listen to me, they want to bury you alive.


Yes. That's what we do to traitors.


You must say that everyone is wrongs and -


No, I can't. Aida is everything I thought I was meant to be. But her courage

and her love for her people have put me to shame. Every act of my life has

been wrong, except for this.


Did you ever love me at all?



(He touches her cheek gently.)

I've loved you all my life.

(The GUARD drags RADAMES away, pushing him to stage right. On stage left, a

GUARD forces AIDA to her knees. Angrily, AMNERIS calls to him.)


Take your hands off her!

(AMNERIS crosses to AIDA.)

After all, she is a Princess.

(The GUARD backs away, leaving AIDA standing.)


Amneris, there were so many times I wanted to tell you everything, but I



No wonder you understood me so well.


Amneris, you must believe me. I am to blame for what has happened. Not

Radames. Please, let him live. Amneris let him live.


I can't.


Yes, you can. You love him! Don't you love him?


Amneris let us begin. Bring forth the prisoners.

(AIDA and RADAMES are pushed forward. To AMNERIS.)

Zoser has been apprehended, and we have uncovered his plot. Radames, I chose

you. I trusted your father. Now I will make things right while I still can.

(PHARAOH turns to the assembly.)

The criminals will receive their sentences!


Father, I have a request.


A request?


I know the traitors must die for crimes against Egypt. This is the law. But I

would ask...that the prisoners be allowed to die together.


But that would be mercy - after they disgraced you before the entire nation.


I was wronged. It should be my decision.


You don't know your own mind.

(A pronouncement.)

For their crimes, the traitors -


Your Majesty, you have poison in your blood. We both know this. Soon I will

be completely alone, because everyone I love will be gone. So you must allow

me to exercise my will over Egypt. Because I am to be your successor. And

because I demand it.

(PHARAOH studies AMNERIS a long moment, then nods and waves her forward.)


(To the PEOPLE.)

For their crimes, the traitors will be buried beneath the sands of Egypt, in

one tomb...together. The Daughter of Isis has spoken.

(AMNERIS turns and runs off, unable to watch. The music begins and AIDA and

RADAMES are isolated. Behind them, the Judgment Hall disappears.)

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