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Album: Barbershop Soundtrack

And We

[P. Diddy over music]

Cmon wit it..
We In The House Now for Sure!
Check us out now...
Bad Boy Baby...
This is where I come in...
Its a New day...
Tha Sun dont shine forever...
Thats right...
You know the rest...

[P. Diddy]

I aint not joke, I used to let the mic smoke,
Now Im like "Kain, Dep, and Rob make sures" (Thats Right),
The most around come through toast your town,
Im'a a Bad Boy Poster Child (Bad Boy Baby!),
Now fool around girl do somethin wit it,
Now thats cool girl move somthin wit it,
And anything I talk I live it,
And everything's worth like winnin (I like dat! I like dat)

[Black Rob]
(Yeah) Now Its a Bad Boy Mission,
And we got the good share (Eh),
Play to em left cause my right's my good ear (Eh),
Tryina reach levels of an ill subblyminal,
Hoes love the fact that Im a criminal,
The movie Im facin,
Cutie look asian one night,
I betchu she be off tha hook praisin Im,

[P.Diddy and Black Rob]
She's been waitin',

[P.Diddy and (Foxy Brown)]
And We...
We gon' take the crown easy,
And We...
We Kill in them clubs, please believe me,
And We...
Cmon! (Rock L.A. To New Heezy),
And We...
And we can get fly or get greasy
And We...
Cmon! (We pull up on them big things)
And We...
Cmon! (We make they ass and hit screens),
And We...
Blind em wit tha bling,
And We...
Rock ya body Rock Rock You Body body,

[Big Azz]
The Untouch It,
Put you on your butt quick,
The same thing you was taught not to fuck wit,
Fontaine, the flame the game wit the pain,
Maintain the same Ma frame I came wit,
Same shit new day Same language,
New pay checks rep wit a tech like sway,
The shit round my neck like grey,
And think what your chick might say (Cmon now)

[P. Diddy]
My aim's has change the game code,
Been doin this since chains became gold,
I hold flows that paint like Van Gogh's,
Leave niggas all wet up stank like manholes (OOH!),
Choppin it down, cockin it pound,
Black (?) Vacate,
Niggas lockin ya town

[Craig Mack] (P. Diddy Over Craig Mack)
Aiyyo dont try to play me,
For the same same sing,
(As We Proceed To Give You What You Need OAHH!!)
Mad niggas (?)


Spit dat fever flow,
Fast slow either o,
Keep bad on the Need To Know,
Freeze dat silk milk seats,
Wit (?)
Y'all can get beats speak to go,
Let them speakers blow,
Stop actin like a half a fag,
You dont wanna be shittin in a plastic bag,
Got a mint green mink wit a matchin jag,
Bad Boy Bitch! Laugh at that! (Motherfucker!)

[Foxy Brown]
I thought I told you dat we wont stop,
I thought I told you Fox stay shotgun in the drop,
Take that rap game Im write dat,
And everything I feel I state that,
Im blatant like that (She blatant like that!),
Cant feel bouncin right back,
Fuck ya bitches hatin like dat,
Ya niggas take heave when Fox rap,
Bitches wanna dress just like dat,
Tha Sean John dress just like dat?,
And I dont be frontin like dat,
I might just cop the hatchback,
Push the Bentley top back,
A Bad Girl at heart,
Shouldve made a move from da start,
Bitch, front up at tha line,

You know I started the trend,
Be the 1st wit reversable rims,
So the insides matchin the Tims,
Make em say No Fear,
Try to ball Ima end ya career,
Like a can of Lysol,
Put my name in the air,
Say it dont spray it,
Might them wet them up,
Push the panic button,
Dont press your luck,
Loaded name G-Dep,
>From Ghetto Dependin,
Im in the ghetto like carborators and engine,


[P. Diddy]
Let's Go,
Dont Stop,
Let's Go,
Dont Stop,
Let's Go,
Dont Stop,
We Startin Over

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