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Album: Last Winter (2014)


[Verse 1 - Bas:]
She fuck 'with the team cause she love her some ballers
Opportunity rings and I'm finna call her
Got a backpack cause I don't know where I'll be tomorrow
I'm blowin' up spots bitch I got heat, I used to have quaps
That's a quarter on the block, fuck the cops
That's the order from a boss, march on the court
House donors on the lawn, tell 'em that we miss Trayvon
Mean it sincerely, vision not 20/20 but I see through ya shit clearly
TV couldn't really impair me, fear tactics don't scare me
Don't need no designer clothes but I'll take them designer drugs
Need a different kind of love, Aladdin love Jasmine
Me I'd rather fly the rug

I just wanna smoke in peace, ride through the open streets
I love my city and will do court but beefs claim lives like the open sea, I still love my city, if I die, I couldn't find a better location
I don't go on vacation, I don't go on vacation

[Verse 2 - Bas:]
Unofficial, off the record, it's impressive, what you done to me
Mr. Hilton, Mr. Westend, but I fuck her like the DoubleTree
Lord, I am just a 2 legged dog, everything I do for my dawgs
Take another step and we will teach a lesson
Paramedics do get involved
Everybody in ya crew is a fraud, everybody in my crew is a boss
Cause everyone agree you ain't gettin' shit for free
Boy you gotta pay ya dues to the cause
All them hoes choosin' and hawkin'
It's my house take ya shoes when you walk in
And these hoes make appointments now
Me and my city like Christopher Walken


[Irvin Washington:]
Vacation, my vision is so clear, my vision is so clear

[Verse 3 - Bas:]
Nigga so off couldn't hit a tee-ball
And you a grown nigga like 6 feet tall
Walked the line and he got chalked, ball so hard that he got lost
Look at that lead on the wall, all of my team gonna ball
We gon' leave 3hun of y'all, lookin' Neanderthals
That look like y'all 'fore a nigga evolved

Hope not, hit her with the dope dick and my crib's the dope spot
I ain't got time for appointments that don't flock
And bitches that come back to my crib and don't pop
And niggas that smoke all my shit and don't cop
I see you muthafuckas

[Irvin Washington:]
My vision is so clear, I see you motherfuckers
My vision is so clear [x4]

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