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Album: Last Winter (2014)

Donk Of The Day


Every day, everyday, everyday, everyday
I been chasing the truth
But oooh I've been waiting for you
Ooooh I've been waiting for you

[Bridge - Bas:]
And I was like Looord
And she was like "boooy you better be smart with your ways"
I turn to Mike Shaw
And he was like dawg "I think she got the Donk Of The Day"
Cause girl you got the Donk Of The Day
That gotta be the donk of the day
You know you got the donk of the day
That gotta be it

[Verse 1 - Bas:]
Never had a day worth planning
Cause every damn day is outlandish
I holla'd at Wave Bandana
My nigga is so high outlandish
I said we can hit the hood spot
My niggas do spray they canvas
Or we can hit the good spot
But I'm a have to change appearance
I went to buy a cardigan
I seen you at the mall and then
I could re-call again, I was on youuu and
My nigga was on your friend
They been steady two years now
But I never called again
And you ain't never fall off
So can I get on again
Breeze through the city baby
You would think I'm on to win
I think I was born to spend
I heard you was dancing girl
I think you were born to bend
I think I was born, born again when I found that pen mothafuckin' right



[Verse 2 - Bas:]
Never had a day worth planning
Cause every damn day is outlandish
I'm going over sees outlandish
A nigga so high outlandish
Man I'm like a fly on the wall
And these four walls heard it all
I could hit a fee line in your voice
But them words won't hurt at all
Cause these broads gone leave til the morning
Champagne form bubbles in my bong
All I need is the love of my crew
Fuck you, my borough know I'm on
Never been to work with a briefcase
But I'm still in each state
So my Momma text, and said, "be safe"
Saw one from my ex it said "be great"
First thought like she fake
Text back like "preciate"
Girl be brave
What you want hundred replays
This shit is dead like Enyce
Dear Nefertiti
I'm sure your'e a Goddess or
My shades are 3D
Cause damn they look large, them titties

[Verse 3 - Bas:]
She always on them up is when they go down
All she know is turn up girl slow down
Slow down, girl slow down
Body type Mya, face more Aaliyah
Stack, used to run track
Til she tore her knee up
Me I'm from Queens
And we up, my last shit crack
Bitch I'm back with the re-up
Already caught the vibes
But I don't got the time
Girl I'm saying you should know
She said, "bottom line I be lying if I said I was surprised when you said you had to go
Met her out in France and her ass meaner
In them Euro hotels with the Ass Cleaners
Long ways from them days when we had peanuts
Looked back we just laugh like damn we up
She said let's go
Back to the bathroom to do some blow, Woah
Said you was sprinting, you really shouldn't do that blow no more
Said I do what I do, it ain't enough for a vote
What's it to you, you don't know how I cope
Shit I done seen it's like ether to me
You don't know how I roll so you speechless to me
You niggas, Niggas don't get it you got it so good
I'm developing penis envy, Pause
No Venus in me, give a fuck if you niggas from Mars
You need to chill
I see the Coke in your jaw
You getting too aggy
You still got about half a gram in that baggy
I'm gone take care of this tab
And I'll probably just hail you a cabby


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