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Album: 20 Lights (2015)

Breathe \ Dreaming


[Hook - Berner:]
Breathe, I can't see
It's cloudy in my whip, I've been rollin' up weed
It help me breathe
This cold street's got me goin' crazy, I can't sleep
I really need to breathe, this shit's deep
They got it on camera, told the police
I can't breathe, they kill him anyway
I guess that's how it is, and we just wanna live
I can't breathe

[Verse 1 - Berner:]
Jealousy and greed, lemon tree and lean
In a 7 series Bimm, feelin' like the king
Watchin' teens die, on my television screen
Riots in the streets, you hear the pain when she screams
In this life though, [?] right where I sleep
I'm on a mission, had a vision, nine flights in a week
Get your digits up, pistols hidden in the cut
Glass piece look like a sippy cup, half gram, 50 bucks
We push packs like crack in the '80s
And I slip packs, ridin' brand new Mercedes
The good smoke, few bitches give me money
Cause they love me, two Asians and a bunny
All this pressure got me stressin'
And I'm chainsmokin' in my section
Smith & Wesson, keep the weapon cause I'm flexin
And these broke boys keep on textin'
It makes it hard to breathe

[Hoo - Berner:]

[Verse 2 - Berner:]
Fuck rap, I'm a legend in the game
And I can't believe I ain't sittin' in the cage
Gucci frames, top down, screamin, "Money ain't a thing"
Coke rocks had us up all night in the rain
Look at now, barely smile, ain't slept in a while
Money wild, on my kitchen counter, haters in denial
Got a club in the city, they just tryna shut us down
Well I'm rich and still ride around with 20 pounds
Out of town, feds wanna hunt us down
Underground, blow a couple hundred thou
This the lifestyle, but damn, it catch up quick
Bet this pack gon' flip, Berner snatch your bitch
Dirty money, I'm just tryna make it clean
And I pray to God every day to stay free
On the interstate 5, in a Jeep with a ki
CHP right behind me, take a deep breath

[Hook - Berner]

[Verse 3 - Ampachino:]
I think I'm goin' insane
Searchin' for excuses but it's no one to blame
Fuck fame, in the game, movin' caine faster
But I got my last name from a slave master
What's wrong with this world? They're tryna blame rappers
I guess we're the reason for cocaine traffickin'
We go to jail, they toast, champagne blasters
They say happiness is just pain backwards
My homie asked me what's in the afterlife
After death, do you go to Heaven if you clap and shit?
I told him only Allah could answer it
He cocked his strap and said it's back to this trappin' shit
Spit dumb, my tongue be on some acra-shit
It's jewels in my music, you gotta cast the shit
Bar after bar, I'm so passionate
You can't breathe, my words deadly as cancer is

[Hook - Berner]


[Verse 1 - Berner:]
Hand full of cash, man these rap dudes broke
140 for the bands, on the highway flow
My eyes stay low off of high grade dope
So baby gotta pay me and I gotta go
I'm talkin' numbers on my phone and get you smacked
This rap money's cool but I'd rather sell packs
Washin' money with white men
Them suits give me checks for my loot
Stripper girls on my phone gettin' nude
(Man she kinda cute, but shit...)
If she ain't talkin' 'bout cash then I gotta pass
Your baby daddy really just want an autograph
Grow rooms, shows for a couple months
My club in Sacramento got the city goin' nuts
This is how I live, wake up in the morning with
Two girls by my side, 40 messages
On my phone, dirty pictures and kisses
I got 26 bitches and I love 'em the same, real talk

[Hook - Berner:]
Am I dreaming, tell me am I dreaming?
I just bought a European
Am I dreaming, tell me am I dreaming?
Fly bitches, all this money that I bring in
Am I dreaming, tell me am I dreaming?
Weed lit, I just took about three Xans
Am I dreaming, tell me am I dreaming?

[Verse 2 - Berner:]
Keep the weed lit, what a mean flip
6 Ps, 12 Gs, [?] shit
I had this shit jumpin' in '09
Back when out of town workin' was gold mine
First [?], yeah I brought it
Me and Wiz smoked out, ask Snoop if Bern really got it
Burned pounds with B. Real
Me and B. Legit hand counted three mil', like really though
18, I had silly dough
31, sittin' on 12 milli though
Got your ex girlfriend in my video
She's drunk, she even let her titties show
Bern get money out these pretty hoes
Give me everything, baby I'll make it rain
I'll make 'em cry when they hear the song with your name
Dirty pictures and kisses
I got 26 bitches and they drive me insane, it's real talk

[Hook - Berner]

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