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Album: The Fighting Temptations Soundtrack

The Fighting Temptations

[Intro - Beyoncé]
Fighting temptations

Yo Beyoncé, Free, MC Lyte, y´all ready
Let it put it down for the clubs

[Beyoncé + Missy + Free + MC Lyte]
Ladies! HEY! we got that beat that make you jump
To my fellas! whoo! I´ll got them cars them ladies love
Party People! yeah! we gonna party all night
And let yo soul, work! ooo! and let yo soul keep on workin´ out

[Verse 1 - Missy + (Missy, Beyoncé, MC Lyte, Free)]
I´m the type of chick, who be fightin´ temptation
Make you wait, before we have a relation
Playboy, holla at me lata´
Don´t you know I´m managed by Violator
(They shootin´), I´m exterminator
I look good, so hate me hater
Me and my girls drinkin´, where´s the waiter
Cheatin´ guys, I already played ya
Ladies night don´t suffocate us
If you touch us, we gonna altercation
Warn Missy, you´s impersonator
I got so much ice, I even scare Jacob
(Beyoncé, MC Lyte, and Free)
(Missy, put it down on da beat)
Party people, it´s good sensation
We gonna show you, how to fight temptation

[Chorus - Beyoncé]
I´m just fighting temptation (Yeah)
Gotta get more control (Control, yeah)
Yet it´s very tempting when you ask to take me home (Home)
You know you want my love (Love)
I don´t think the time is right (No)
Call when I´m ready, but it won´t be tonight

[Verse 2 - Free]
We in the club, Free gully no doubt
See this real deal playa, starin´ dead in my mouth
He got his crew, but I got mine too
Send a note to my table like, what you gonna do
Eye game got him spreadin´ me out
In my ear dry tears, how he left his spouse
And oh, the nice cars, and impressive house
He want to run up in, I ain´t no regular route (Hoooo!)
Me and the girls, we ain´t stressin´ out
We ain´t birds, we ain´t headin´ south (Noooo!)
Them one nighters, that´s sad and doubt
That little talk on da creep ,what you said is out
I gets cheddar, to help me do what ever
No beef with Dennis Edwards, but I fight temptation
I´m not sayin´ I don´t like temptation
I´m just lookin´ for da right temptation, ya kno´


[Verse 3 - MC Lyte]
Yeah, party liked I never partyed before
I hit the door, all the dudes hit the floor
Sweet, they messin´ wit the brown sugar queen
Fightin´ temptation, like Layla Ali
Wit the 1, 2, let me show you what the hon´ do
When I come through, wit the butta dip crew
Now, show me that you got my back
Love me from, where you at
I got eyes up, over my shoulder
If you should decide, to get closer (Hooo!)
Well then this dance, is straight over
I´m gone, and Missy´s Testaroasa
"Be cool", thay what Free say
B. say, "Keep it clean but give them lee way"
All I know, it´s a crazy sensation
You fine, but I´m fightin´ temptation


[Outro - Beyoncé + (Missy) + {Free}]
(We goin´ show you how to fight temptation)
My love, yeah
{I´m jus´ lookin for da right temptation}
{[Cut and Stratch - "Fight temptation]}
Wooooo, yeah, yeah, yeah
(We goin´ show you how to fight temptation)
{I´m jus´ lookin for da right temptation}
{[Cut and Stratch - "Fight temptation]}
Yeah, yeah, yeah, woooooo

[Beyonce + Missy + Free + MC Lyte]
W-w-what you gonna do (Hoo-hoo)
W-w-what you gonna do (Hoo-hoo)
W-w-what you gonna do (Hoo-hoo)

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