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Album: No Genre Pt. 2 (2014)


[Hook: B.o.B.]
You ain't never met a nigga like me, my nigga
You ain't never seen a bitch like this, my nigga
You ain't smoking on a pack like this, my nigga
You ain't never rolled in a Lambo like this [x3]
You ain't never seen a bitch like this, my nigga
You ain't never met a nigga like me, my nigga

[Verse 1: B.o.B.]
You meet a nigga like me, you a liar
If you smoking like me, then you high
I'mma need about 13 freaks tonight
It's so many bitches, looking like a freak collage
And she finna swallow my Pina Colada
The way I throw the D, she gon need a massage
If she wake up tomorrow, a hangover got her
We party from Vegas to Reno, Nevada
We do it big, cause life is a bitch that'll eat you alive like a sea of piranhas
It's neat cause I got to release it to all them
And you ain't even seen em, you ain't even got em
I'm not a rapper, I'm a rock star
I'm not a rapper, I'm a rock star
And if you see me in that Lambo
I got the bitch with the top off

[Hook: B.o.B]

[Verse 2: Kevin Gates]
I ain't ever rolled in a Lambo
My bitch dance on a stage named Lambo
Hundred round drum that's ammo, something like Rambo
Dicks hit the door, hit the scale and the blow
Now we running that quarterback scramble
I done hid it with the fork and the knife and the pyrex
Young nigga trapping out a bando
Turn 126 to a 252, worked the wrist
I could win me a Lambo
Don't want to be in love, I can pay for affection
White girl off with the handle
First show for the 20 now there's 200 bands
Book a show, drop 50 till you're at the hotel
Rock two in one night
Then the cook want to front you cause the microwave on while we at the hotel
I say I don't get tired!

[Hook: B.o.B]

[Verse 3: Jake Lambo]
Fly like a plane in the sky high
Jake is the name, I'm a dangerous guy
Had me in the cage and I ain't know why
See I am a beast, no I ain't gon' lie
Came here to claim what I want, bang in the trunk
Hands in the sky, get 'em up
I kill 'em, yup
On my high horse like giddyup
Really bruh, I'm just tryna see a milly bucks
Nigga what?
I go so retarded, go the hardest don't you see
You can look around the world, still never find another me
With that said I'mma rip off heads
Whoever running shit, then I'll break y'all legs
I'm just tryna make hits like baseball players
On the way to the top, just a few more stairs

[Hook: B.o.B]

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