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Album: No Genre: The Label (2015)

Going Up

[Verse 1 - B.o.B:]
Bobby go savage, all my shit classic
I don't fuck around, nigga, I'ma wreak havoc
Stoned like a tablet, stoned like [?]
Stay with that leaf, eyes closed like captions
Got a street team cause this ain't just rappin'
I got bad habits, I'm always with a bad bitch
One Janet Jackson, one Toni Braxton
Goin' both ways like four way traffic
Pockets on beast mode, bands goin' ape shit
You sleepin' on who? I set fire to your mattress
Always tryna figure a nigga out like fractions
I just wear the box out like fashion
Put the pussy in a grave or a casket
Write my name on the cake in italics
Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain
I hope you got your seatbelts fastened, I'm goin' up

[Hook - B.o.B:]
Up, I'm goin' up
Up, I'm goin' up
Up, I'm goin' up
Up, I'm goin' up

Give me the weed, I'ma roll up (I'm goin' up)
Give me the drank, I'ma pour it up (I'm goin' up)
Rep my set, nigga throw it up (I'm goin' up)
4321, I'm goin' up

[Verse 2 - Lin-Z:]
Y'all in the way, nigga fall back
You small time, where your boss at?
Big money, we talk that
Broke nigga call, I don't call back
Maybe I let the [?] strip a little
Kiss the ring, kiss the middle
I'm in this bitch, don't need the kibble
[?] don't need to dribble
Goin' up like elevators
New printer, that's hella paper
Bad bitches got hella flavors
I get served, I don't need a waitor
No Genre and we celebratin'
Keep winnin' so they hella hatin'
They watchin' from the window
Shut it down like renovation
Lin-Z, baby, drive you crazy
Switchin' lanes, new Mercedes
Hella sauce, that's hella gravy
Cut the check before it hits the table
What you know about it?
Celine bag, yes your ho 'bout it
Top on, it's so private
With no pilot, I'm goin' up


[Verse 3 - Jaque Beatz:]
Ah this that nasty flow
Neighbors at your door with the casserole
All about the cream, ice and the Cogn'
Jungle fever, she tryna get the anacon' - boom
Bass like a trampoline
Her man at home and she ain't tryna dance alone
She love me too and I'ma get my trample on it
It's Chinese food and I'ma get my sample on, ho
Push that button
It's all in your head, that's concussion
Better get up on your shit or fuck around and flush it
Jackie Chan with a [?], I ain't tryna rush it
So keep it movin'
Cause ain't nobody here believe in losin'
And we ain't givin' up, the chances too slim
Ho we don't give a fuck so keep your two cents
[?] could use that shit
Let me get a verse and I abuse that bitch
This shit'll never stop me, I defuse that quick
Give a shit about your story, I conclude that bitch
Magnum P.I., come prove that shit
But my Magnum P.I. wanna lube that clit
Just sayin', niggas say they got the picture
When they know it's just crayon
Go to church, do communion with the pope
While prayin', I'm goin' up

[Bridge x2]

[Verse 4 - Jake Lambo:]
If your cards ain't right, I don't deal with you
I know the deal, shawty, she just want my dill pickle
It's real simple, they send shots, I send missiles
Still iller, they still sweet, they're still Skittles
I write riddles, you pay attention, you might get 'em
Ain't nobody that's really fuckin' with my niggas
No Genre the label so I'ma ride with 'em
Yeah these tats are permanent, I'ma die with 'em
Goin' nuts like almonds
Tell 'em if they with it you can get it if you want it
Chillin' with your bitch, she let me hit it in the mornin'
I don't really see 'em, someone show me my opponents
You know I'm the shit like I'm just bein' honest
You ain't runnin' shit like why you keep on stumblin'?
Can't you see I'm hungry? My stomach is rumblin'
Tell me what you're doin', nigga you ain't doin' nothin', goin' up

[Bridge x2]

[Verse 5 - London Jae:]
Money on my mind, I don't know what y'all thinkin' 'bout
I'm chasin' down the bankroll, ho I'm goin' up
Two hundred for a line, couple racks for a pint
You ain't drinkin' like me, lil' nigga I'm pourin' up
I'm ready for whatever, chain on heavy metal
Got them diamonds in my watch and they change up like the weather
I'm speedin' to the top, you strugglin' down the pedal
I'm doggin' them hoes out, you strugglin' there to get 'em
Paid a mil' for the crib, way up in the hills
Damn I feel famous, they wavin' at the kid
Got money on me, homie, like Baby in this bitch
Got the chopper with the drum like Eddie in this bitch
Me and my team ball, nigga you still shavin'
I'm clean every day, lil' nigga you still bathin'
You waitin' on a handout, boy I stand out
Ask Bobby, I'm the man now, I'm goin' up

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