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Album: No Genre: The Label (2015)

Any Means

Everybody talking about they're grinding they ain't really grinding forreal

(Still dolla signs in my eyes)

[Hook x2:]
It's still dolla signs in my eyes any means necessary I'mma get that, (we right here)
I'm still on the grind with my nigga we ain't takin no short don't forget that, (we right here)
I sill hit the corner store then got some lag get some blunts then I split that, (we right here)
And every time I pull up in that bitch you ain't never gotta ask where my clique at, (we right here)

[Scotty ATL:]
Shit feel like flavor, '95 the beeper with the hair balm
Their boss feeling right before you fuck a redbone
Planet I like nerds, we ain't do the curb
Only friend's a close friend was getting served
Let's do it, everybody got doubts
I don't listen to them, it ain't easy but shit is necessary
Bad bitch who want you to pop the cherry
Especially when you 'bout the berry
Every nigga that running shit now we gon' punish shit now
This drama y'all still on some funny shit now
We were broke like forreal on some money shit now
I'm four blunters I own a ton of shit now
They been gassin y'all nigga, might pull the [?] about
It's crazy, man these niggas just don't understand
The hottest nigga with a fuckin' hustle in the plan
And y'all nigga fuckin' playin', shit

(making moves and shit, we on the corner)


[Jake Lambo:]
Yeah, we get money for a minute this music shit is a gimmick
Got to eat or be a six or say sober for some pennies
So fuck it I'm on a mission, chains paper
They hate that i made and if i owe you I pay you later
The coupe sit on inches I'm from the drenches still got mud on my boots nigga, forreal
Any given time a thousand bloods at your roof nigga
Hanging out the rule like the whole day for the love of the money
The chopper sing like the old Jake
Still stuck in my old ways, old school still hold a pistol sideways
Bitch I'm in the Ku Klux gotta suck that dick five ways
Side way for five days switching lanes on the highway
But you driving and why the fuck is you smiling?
Still dolla signs in my eyes I fuck your whole body set, boy it ain't a surprise
See the money I'd done starved for, painkillers in that bud they know what I'd be on, now when I belong


My homie at the chop spot, my crib was the rap spot
I'm selling them crack beads while they selling them woo, woah
IPads on iPads these side dudes put paper on em
Five o'clock to five o'clock federal nose all in my favoritism
I walk me in the bank tell her to be so close I can go in her fridge
Black man's black gloves to basically breaking the biz
Damned to double double shifts for the dollars with the double O's
Keep me whimsy while I [?] that bitch on other clothes
Scrambled eggs, smothered hash browns with some bacon and some toast
I'm falling asleep during my order fucking get that shit to go, vroom
In the whip praying to God I got to get it at least get to my door
Because it's get dollar or die and doctor I am diagnosed


[London Jae:]
They like young nigga you flexin' watch who you be flexin' on
See I came up different step over the stepping stone
Demolishing all these verses who need me to wreck a song
Easily catching on to these weasel niggas and frauds
Still on the west side, still keep the steel there
Been through a lot of shit, but a nigga still here
Money hungry I got to get it I swear I do
Can tell that niggas envious by the way that they stare at you
Staying true to my crew like I'm staying true to my name
I found a place to blunt in that purple and now if feels like a dream
Time moving slow like a turtle, there's turbulence on this ride
That we call life, but it's going to be all right, I'm doing me usually
Usually i don't do this we the shit, fuck it I'mma
Show my ass like a nudist you knew this already
Feeling like these dudes out to get me our crew's with the semi
How the fuck these losers get near me you knew we was winning, uh

[Jake Lambo:]
This kid Jake Lambo man, the stoning child, I'm high right now of course, you guys are beautiful
How fast can I roll a blunt? Faster than you can roll a blunt, ha ha ha
But I can roll in like under a minute I guess, just estimating using a little estimation (ha ha ha ha), aight man see you later

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