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Album: New Black (2014)

Broken Bones

You can break my bones
But your heart of stone can't break the seal
Can't break the seal

[Verse 1:]
That's right I'm on the edge
Damn right I'm on the line
Blame it on my attitude
And the thoughts that's on my mind
All because I came up on the poorer side
Where the don't provide
Over time you tend to feel like you supposed to sail
Or you supposed to fail, or you supposed to die
Or you supposed to fly
Decatur's own, poster child
My "day one team" still hold me down
New niggas just want to get closer now
I'm like hold up now
What do I know you now? We are we homies now?
Lookin' at me like I'm holdin' out
What do I owe you now?
It ain't shit that nobody can tell me
They look at my train of thought
And they try to figure a way to derail me
But the way that they verbal assaultin'
As big as they thought it was not necessarily
That's the way it is so apparently
One day you're the hero, the next you're the villain
Your own people ready to bury ya

You can break my bones
But your heart of stone can't break the seal
Can't break the seal
You can take all I own
But you can never take the soul away from me
Away from me

[Verse 2:]
Rest in peace, rest in peace
To my pastor, rest in peace
Can't look back at yesterday
What can they say, what's left to see?
I flip the style up and became the thing they said I'd never be
Whatever obstacle they threw I have surpassed successfully
And you can try to overlook me but I'm too much of a giant
And if I ain't at the top, shit I must be right beside it
So don't try to sell me bullshit, I'm too gifted to buy it
If I sold common sense, you'd be too stupid to buy it, uhh
I can't dumb it down, how the fuck I sound?
Tryin' to dumb it down
You just thought you knew me 'til you figured out
What I was about
Cause what I was is not the same as now
I ain't jaded that's just how I view the game and how I play it
It's just greed and entertainment
But it ain't so entertainin'
When niggas is hungry and you in they city
You lookin' like money and fingers is itchin'
You won't see it comin' you totally ignorant to it
No one in your clique is a shooter
Every killer say that he'll do it
Every nigga claim that they is the truest
But you couldn't prove it until they go through it
When temperatures flare up and niggas get stupid
There's no longer hype it's no longer 'bout music
There's no more illusion
No more confusion
Know who you can trust, who you can fuck
That bitch that you with, she settin' you up
But never forget that karma's a bitch
When she comes around, remember to duck (duck)


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