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Name Game

The name game,
Shirley, Shirley
Bo, Birley
Banana, Fanna, Foe, Firley
Fee, Fie, Moe, Mirley
Bo, Bincoln
Banana, Fanna, Foe, Fincoln
Fee, Fie, Moe, Mincoln
Common everybody
I say now lets now play a game
I bet you I can make a rhyme,
out of anybody's name
the first letter of the name
I treat it like it wasn't there
but a 'B' or an 'F' or an 'M' will appear
then I say
Bo - add a 'b' and then I say the name
banana fanna and foe
and then I say the name again with an 'f' very plain
then a fee fie and moe
and then I say the name again with an 'm' this time
and there isn't any name that I can't rhyme
Anl, Anl,
Bo, Banl
Banna, Fanna, Foe, Fanl
Fee, Fie, Moe, Manl
but if the first two letters are ever the same,
I drop them both then say the name
like bob,
bob drop the 'b' bo ob
or fred
fred drop the 'f' Foe red
or Mary,
Mary, drop the 'm's Moe Ary
That's the only rule that is contrary
now say Bo
now tony with a B
then Banna Fanna and Foe
Banna Fanna and Foe!
then you say the name again
with an f very plain
then a fee fie and a mo
Fee, Fie, Moe!
then you same the name again
with an m this time
and there isn't any name you can't rhyme
everybody do Tony!
Tony, Tony
Bo, Bony
Banana, Fanna, Foe. Fony
Fee, Fie, Moe, Mony
pretty good, let's do Billy,
Billy, Billy
Bo, illy
Banana, Fanna, Foe. Filly
Fee, Fie, Moe, Milly
very good, let's do Marsha
Marsha, Marsha
Bo, Barsha
Banana, Fanna, Foe. Farsha
Fee, Fie, Moe, arsha
a little trick with Nick
Nick, Nick
Bo, Bick
Banana, Fanna, Foe. Fick
Fee, Fie, Moe, Mick
The name game
Here's your quick cheat sheet.

Bo b-
Banana, Fanna, Foe F-
Fee, Fie, Moe, M-

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