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Sweet (Potato Pie)

[Verse 1:]
Hot in the daytime I ain't buying no pumpkin pie
Bake the sweet potato kind, kick it up a notch
No recipe involved it's all memorized
Customized so each one, one of a kind
No disrespect implied but your great grandma recipe she made for Sunday time ain't fucking with mine
Yeah I rhyme kind of nice, but my sweet potato pie slice will get me five mics
Nothing out a box or a can
It's all natural, that which grows out the land
Toss 'em in a pan, mix the white with the brown sugar
Got the mixing bowl looking like my children
Hop in and I drown them in the butter sauce
Cinnamon, nutmeg, almond, vanilla
If I tell y'all the rest, well then I got to kill ya
Even if I give you a list of the ingredients
Step by step instructions on how to season it
Just how to set your oven when preheating it
Shit just ain't gonna taste the same unless Ali did it
I ain't just putting pie on your table
I'm trying to bring a tear for your eye for your baby
Let you see how I feel inside when you taste it
I love you and I would die for you baby
Them old ladies got it right when they [?]
Told the young man this life get kind of crazy
Taking what they gave me and I made it something beautiful
Old people know that you got to feed your soul
I know the struggle can be crushing, it'll leave you with a hunger for some loving
Make something out of nothing
Come and get some comfort for your stomach
Your Brother pulling something lovely out the oven

[Verse 2:]
Alright, real talk, the pie became a problem
Cause I ain't getting talker but I'm steady getting wider
And my blood sugar rising and my heart got to clogging
My guy had to pull me to the side, got to talking 'bout
"You supposed to be eating to live
You shouldn't even keep sweets at your crib
You need to be healthy for your kids
Boy, you don't need to get
Diabetes, you can lose your feet to that shit
Each pie is what? A cup of sugar, half a stick of butter
How many slices of that shit you sticking in your stomach?
I mean, you always been a little fluffy
But keep it up and you gonna be a Chris Farley looking motherfucker
I mean, I hear that you're not smoking or drinking
So you probably use the food that you make when you're escaping
Maybe just take it out of regular rotation
Save it for a special occasion
Truncate it."

[Outro: Brother Ali talking]
Holidays is over y'all. 2012 is here. The pies is down and the bars is up. Morning in America, Dreaming In Color. I got this one.

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