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Album: Lamp City (2013)

Lamp City Family

Oh where you goin' hey!

[Hook 2x]
Ride slow, ice cold
I'm just tryna live my dream
They gon' hate, let 'em hate
I just do it for the team
Lamp City Fam-Lamp Lamp City Family
Lamp City Fam-Lamp Lamp City Family

[Verse 1]
This is my public fuckin' proclamation
If you don't hear me by now then I'm tired of waitin'
I'm here to proclaim the leader of the new game
They lookin' at me so plain cause I don't got like no chains
I make my own destiny
Bitches that slept with me wanna step to me now but shit they can't get a text from me
Cause they fake and I'm real, I don't skate but shit still
I slide up on you like a half-pipe you pay for the bill
I'm in my city straight relaxin', basketball with the captain
Talkin' about some money. Why the fuck is you rappin'?
Me, I just spit the classics, trying to make it happen
Showin' love for these youngin's that's trying to make it rappin'
I had a shitty story, I'm writin' another plot
Tryna lead a bunch of people to the motherfuckin' top
Just know they wanna take every fuckin' thing that you got
But it's mister CMP I was given another shot

[Hook 2x]

[Verse 2]
You never know where you're goin' so homie just take a moment
And look back at everything that you got and be thankful for it
I'm lovin' this life, there ain't no trouble tonight
I'm hot as fuck on the mic, like a Republican's wife
I got that heart, heart, heart
But these rappers they wanna take it from me
Only they bitches and constant songs about makin' money
I came to bring it way back I'm talkin back in the days
Or else I'll go back workin' jobs for that minimum wage
Uneducated, unregulated and celebratin'
Lookin' at life and it's gettin' better and elevatin'
Still with that struggle you movin' forward it's day to day
What all these rappers say? Fuck what these rappers say
We singin' that bringin' that throw your name out throw
This shit is so pungent it leave a stain type flow
You leave after rappin' I'm with my fans at the shows
Gettin' pizza with your ho, that's just how the story go
I don't know where you're goin' just take a minute
Life's short don't waste a minute
Get yours and stay focused, sleep tight with one eye open
These people wanna take every fuckin' thing that you got
But it's mister CMP I was given another shot

[Hook 2x]

We not afraid of movin' slowly
We only afraid of standing still

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