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Album: Lamp City (2013)


[Verse 1: Cam Meekins]
And they still gonna hate when you live your life like how you say
It don't matter about them no, it don't matter about them
And as long as I'm cool with myself then I feel like everything's straight
It don't matter about them, no
We can give a fuck about them
And I live my life how I want to
I do the things that I want to
I smoke weed because I want to
And I drink sometimes to text you
And it's alright, I'm okay, I'm fucked up, shit's going great
Been through some shit, you can't relate
But right now

[Hook: Cam Meekins 2x]
I'm living with my ups, my downs, and my lows
I feel like getting high, you already know
I'm trying to get away, so let's go
I'm living with my ups, downs, lows

[Verse 2: Skizzy Mars]
Told the girl in a sky blue
You and your girl you could ride through
Ones tall but the other's like 5'2"
Anything you need I provide you
I'm smokin' weed in new jeans
Lookin' out the window burnin' cigarettes through screens
Had an epiphany, I care about three things
Music and drugs, and the love that you bring
I'm twisted, I'm drunk it's been a couple months
You haven't called me once
Used to smoke L's when I'd catch you on your window sill
I don't even smoke blunts, maybe I'm being blunt
So I'mma light a joint in your honor
Penthouse niggas do what we want

[Hook: Cam Meekins 2x]

[Verse 2: Cam Meekins]
And I am who I am
I ain't never gonna change
Just change your twitter pic, I think you changed
Care too much about how you look in the photos
Wonder why you're still stuck fuckin' round solo
Don't worry about this bein' in your position
I know you wish you can take it all back
But your luck don't change
Now that I do what I want we don't fuck the same
But it's still from the heart from the lamp city fam
Been there from the start
To the big labels telling me I won't make it
Saying my production sound too basic, psych
Who could fuck with the likes
Flexing on them suckers like Mike
Need food on my plate like rice
So fuck you if you fake, alright

[Hook: Cam Meekins 2x]

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