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Album: 13 (2012)

Klick Clack Bang

[Verse 1: Godemis]
Look at the way they're hating on us
Like we got a deal already, steady as we go
I could have been the one to tell 'em that we didn't
But it's hit and go, yeah get a dose
Ces in the building, better be gone 'fore we blow the roof off of this M.F'er
I don't wanna get sidetracked, in a Maybach, blowing dope wit' dem heffers
I'm a handful, so is Ubi so it's like your fucking with a pair of double D's
I've been screaming out the shit I mean about
And all I got to say is "Motherfuck emcees"
Hit 'em and buckle knees
Get 'em in line, I'm about to go spam on em' and I'm on a roll
Could it have been the reason why you acting like a bitch?
Pussy popping on a pole
What am I doing here? Why do I do's it? I could say it's all about the music
But I'd be lying if I said I wasn't trying to stack a couple of racks
And that's amusement to 'em
Look at the way we do 'em, killer city cannibal with Cannonball
Get you open like a can opener, the Kan-Kan-Kansas City shuffle y'all

[Verse 2: Ubiquitous]
I ain't been around the block a lot, I'm not the sharpest pencil in the box
Still I'm knowin' enough to get the shit to pop
Yeah I'm blowing up and up, lifting off
Why you lippin' off? Watch it dude
Do you know, who in the fuck you talking to?
Ces clipping up and ready to lock on you
It's not a lot to say, a lot to do
Opportunity knocked and I'm knocking you
Out the way you're way out of pocket dude
And I don't give a fuck if you're sick as fuck
If you spit at us, I'll clip your nuts
If your upper lip so much as ripple up
If you're soft I can help you stiffen up
What you talking 'bout, ain't shit to us
Yeah I'm talking down to you, listen up, punk

[Hook: Ces Cru (x2)]
Is it true that ain't shit changed? Listen to the way it bang
Introducing you to what is new and everybody will agree it's Strange
Hit 'em with a klick clack bang, talking gotta get back, man
We don't wanna gotta go to war, never more, let me do my goddamn thang

[Verse 3: Godemis]
What am I an oddity? I ought to be
We the two to take it to another level
I'm in another lane, on some other plane
People say I probably parlay with the Devil
Parlay with myself, makes a lot of sense
Make some motherfucker gotta hop the fence
I show up in all black, at the party bloody hands like I just forgot to rinse
Magnetism I attract the opposites
Back in the day I used to want to chop a bitch
Now I'm keeping it clean the crib's pristine
Like I hired George Papadopoulos
Lock your lips, y'all been in a coma on us honestly
I know the weather better pack a number-brella fella y'all are hella cray
Look up, the snake and bat are travelin' that-away, have a good day

[Verse 4: Ubiquitous]
I can see it in the way you running around
Running your mouth, talking all the time
Laying me down inside a coffin, all for why?
Mad at us for catapulting off the N9ne!
Why you broken up and crying?
Wipe away your tears, open up your eyes
Why you leaning all up in my lights?
Scheming on my plates, soaking up the shine?
Look at the size of this table, it's giant room enough for both of us to dine
Hanger Steak with a side of asparagus, a glass of Copolofer wine
Sober up before you try and roll with us, you must be Robitussin high
Thinking you know what's up with us, but know that I am focused on my grind
Blowing up, goodbye!

[Hook (x2)]

[Verse 5: Godemis & Ubiquitous]
Who am I? The heavy handed healer, here we go
I keep a couple in the clip for y'all
We can get it popping, that's the only option
Guess I'm shooting from the fucking hip at y'all
Cut you open, hoping somebody gotta Sham-wow, blood about to hit the wall
I can see it coming cousin like I'm staring back at you
From inside a crystal ball

This is all for you
But do you remember when you fronted on us when we did the interview?
What? You forget to do your job?
You were pawning me, now I'm pimping you
You were on to me, now I'm into you
And it ought to be peaceful, but when you choose
Hanging dirty laundry over dinner, ooh
Honestly it's inde-indefensable

Head of the class, fucking up the principle
Got 'em ingesting hella deadly chemicals
I'm gonna go as far as saying we ain't playing
And we got 'em by the fucking genitals

I'm gonna hit 'em with the binding resolution
Getting biblical with every clip I pull
Take a seat with y'all, have a sip with you
I've been eating y'all, now I'm getting full

Shitting better, get the stool softener
Look at 'em, 'bout to break the blade off in her
I don't remember anything after getting swill and high
Swear to God, occifer

Often heard (heard!) The Ces seldom seen
By the studio time that I sell a dream
Tell 'em leave before the game get into you
Hell of a fee to pay, my soul is sinner proof
It's your move

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