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Album: 13 (2012)


[Verse 1: Ubiquitous]
Dipping into a pool that's full of fools with nothing to say
Stepping inside the booth, these dudes praying for luck on the page
Flipping their flows, you know the only go a couple of ways
Pulling in droves of hoes, fancy clothes, hustling yay
Lyrical dynamite, cypher raw, busting a flame
Sicker than all of y'all, my crew coming, we're crushing the game
Gettin dividends and diamond mines up in the chain
Strugglin all my life I had to fight, grew up in the pain
Shippin the fame at and hype

Over night, blew up in the game
Pushing my pen inside your vestibule to rupture your brain
Running up in your shit for what ever the structure contain
Doctor Hannibal Lecter, the cops stuck with distain
A speech of mine would make Clarice come and unbuckle the chains

Buffalo Bill, y'alls dick and balls tucked in your legs
These chickens sit upon the side line, clucking for eggs
I'm ready to make an omelette, I'm looking for something to break

[Hook: Ubiquitous]
We coming the pace and face to the left
If you came for the Ces, why you savin your breath
One step to the right, lit it up in the lights
Get wild for the night
Err'body in the back, where you in? Where you at?
More middle of the map
Bring it back to the front
When I snap on a 1
Let me see your ass all jump, jump, jump!

Trapped in the Colosseum
A sea of em all I see is
Prey for the predator
Dieing for what they call ideas

Go for your gun and it's done
Nobody ever lived that come at this one
Go for your gun and it's done
Nobody ever lived that come at this one

[Verse 2: Godemis]
Spilling my blood while paintin' a pic
Stick in the mud, some say what we make is the shit
And whether or not I believe y'all the tiniest bit
I know when to go, Tech told me to stick to the script
Doin' a pile of blow til' I feel the Deevil inside
Runnin around the crib nakey, I got nothin' to hide
Tippin' the scale in our favor, tryna savor the buzz
Comin' up in the game, killin' with a plethora of cuts
And you can bet I give the credit to the blunts and the drugs
All of that said, you can still find me up in the club
And I'm an animal, nobody wants a beast in the camp
Revving this engine, pedal to the medal, reachin' the ramp
Put 'em in ICU, when I see you be sure to salute
I'm Ready to Die, don't ask me why, nigga, just Gimme the Loot
Tell 'em I got it, Godemis gotta be fadin' to black
Stumblin' out the Mini, throwin' up the snake and the bat
Now bring it back


[Verse 3: Ces Cru]
Get 'em in line, blindfolded, backs flat to the wall
Keep in their mind "Im the death dealer bustin' at y'all"

The way they been talkin sound as soft as somethin' stuffed in they bra
Your fuckin' opinion matter as much as what I flushed at the mall

Who in the fuck are y'all callin' suckers, puckerin' up
Lookin' to blow it all, well I'm packin' somethin' to suck

We in the arena now, we leave it all out on the field
Countin' the minutes til' its 13 with an hour to kill

Gimme the powder with pills, sippin a bottle, I'm swill
Nobody believed it includin' me, but we do got a deal

How does it feel, I'm feelin the winter chill, tip of the ice
They givin' me cold stares and they so flaky they drift in the skies

The holiest matrimony, holy's chuckin' handful of rice
Makin' a pact you'll probably regret for the rest of your life

I'm steppin inside the ring and dancin', hangin' all on the ropes
The media's screamin' at me, snappin' pics and callin' for quotes


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