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Album: Constant Energy Struggles (2013)

Shake It Up

[Hook: Ubiquitous (x2)]
We're about to shake it up, shake it up
My paper up, they pay for us
Homie, I'm paid to bust, I'm dangerous
We're about to shake it up, shake it up side by side
Shake it up, shake it up side by side

[Verse 1: Godemis]
What I need is room and a couple of books of matches
Head for the exit people see this one is not a practice
Haters say I'm an actor, more accurately I'm an actress
For everybody who's sleeping, I'm setting fire to the rafters
And I'm back with, the U-B-I, do me a favor, please
Hate me now, but later go around with Dragon Ball-Z
And put a crater in the ground around 'em
Better leave them like I found them
Now I'm in the position to turn up
The gas and come out the kitchen
Catch the feelings, too, I don't really care
I'mma do me, here's what the Deevil do
You don't wanna believe until you will see
This smoke it's gonna be the shit, it's true
We the two, arsonists sparking it, and I come with a mic in hand
My PNC run up in that bitch with a big lighter and a big gas can
Fuck a back up plan, back up man,
Y'all do it right, better clap them hands
We kill shit like kumansy, y'all
Just keep playing like a backup band
When I crack a can of oxygen hoping to get it popping
The stairs are full of smoke and that elevator's no option

[Hook (x2)]

[Verse 2: Ubiquitous]
Hello, it's me again, UBI-I
And back in the place to be again
I'm back to stay I've been active
Since back in the day but even then
The game was fucking been clean
I'm fucking the game back, I'mma leave it then
Plus nothing got these eager fast
And never get back to see the kid
Baby baby boy, see up in the biz'
I can't react see all free to kiss
We're legit, fact remains, only
A winner in it can see the end
Inner is the primary reason y'all know it exist
Sign is strange, I can say
I don't really know how sweet it is
Don't ask me what my secret is, I plead the fifth
I would die before I plus my price ingredient
Even if they wanna know what does it take in
How do I make my pride in many this
And why do the people keep on disappearing
They live in fear, but me and my people be obedient
And I mind when the media cursing, criticize my previous work
All of that money for me and for mine
The honey that hype, the bees and the burst
Homie, mind of me is a certain
Having you die to be on my spine
You gotta fly to be in a flight
Believe it or not, we got to

[Hook (x2)]

[Verse 3: Ubiquitous]
Okay, I'mma shake it up, now the people got a taste of us
Soon as we hit up the scene we did the Machine Gun Kelly, lace it up
Fasten on it with the safety up, looking like I was a crazy fuck
They do the doggy in a dazy dukes, I do a diddy for you dazy ducks
I do my thing and then I place it up, ready ain't everything in my radius
Hold up one time now, put a hand in the sky and say in strange we trust
These rappers lacking a venicular, racking the l-l-lazy dust
How come they ever shake me up, coming straight out a KC fuck

[Verse 4: Godemis]
Okay, I think that they're gonna say he sucks
But it really don't matter to me, cause
We're in tour and we're getting this money
Got chuckle, is funny, got rolling this weed up
And in the galactic I'm about to get pinned up
Couldn't stop at a pocket of creamed dough
Try to mark at the top as they seem us
Lots of fathers are getting their dreams crushed
All I see is dust, I feel a particular feeling me is this buzz
I live to seek another thing in a minute
And it really gets it for a cream huff
For a ligue I never seen such
Like you motherfuckers coming clear cut
Not afraid of you, but in the parking
I'm taking a murder in these muds


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