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Album: Constant Energy Struggles (2013)

Get That

[Verse 1: Godemis]
I'm in a go for the gusto, plus nobody gotta beat on 'em, I'mma let y'all know
The snake and the bat are back up in the building, comin' a body every show
When I wet that flow, out of the midi, comin' to get that dough
Klick-clack bang, I'mma let that go, creppin' I step in the dough
We reppin' the KCMO, wonder what they hate me for
Could that be the way we flow, I don't really know
Keepin' it cold like eight below, fillin' my stats up just like I pro, brrack
And then back at the clones, pattern and
Sappin' and snappin' and crackin' your bones
You can be caught up in a killer city, if ever you happen to roam
Look at what happen to roam, swear to God
Everybody wanna rap now, but how could it be this way
But everybody rappin' and be rappin' ain't really got ish to say
Snappin' since back in the day, can imagine we tellin' you that we crackin' away
I don't know why this sad to believe, but believe it or not I am out of my brain
Gotta move on back on my lane, gotta prove 'em back on my game
Sackin' a bat and a chain and I get that have I carry on
Now I got snake on the plane, can it be the way we contain
I don't know I'mma go ape, and is sure is I'm able to aim
But I made it my mission, it feel like you wishes my nigga
I'm keepin' it Strange

[Hook: Ubiquitous]
And I'm comin' to get that (Dough) we get that (Buzz)
We get that (Flow) we get that (Love) we get that (Rrah)
Comin' up on my dough to Riff Raff
Heard about your pack now I'm comin' to get that (Dough)
We get that (Buzz) we get that (Flow) we get that (Love)
We get that, how come I get 'em with the sick track
Hit them with the klick-clack brrack and I'm comin' to get that
Or we can go tit for tat for syntax, huh, huh

[Verse 2: Ubiquitous]
Man, I did it for the pesos, fuck kitty cat
Brrack, now gimme that bank roll
Ludwig, Beethoven got 'em way open
And I made it for the rave yo
Uranium, I'm too dirty yate
I'm too nerdy, wait I really ain't
They show, one love to the faithful
Those who take the advantage
Of good people can stay broke
Dreamin' about HO and E
And envy man, he got bank green
Now we up in the game though
I never settled for the ramp
We ain't pedalin' a ten-speed
Don't I make it look easy?
I served up breakfast's yes
That make it look greasy
They don't like the way that put things
I don't say that we got look
When they can book Weezy
One love to the old clique
I don't hate on nobody
In the game doin' dope shit
They didn't choose that hate'll
Be the same day, that I choose
To lose my aimin' and my focus
Lookin' back at a time of my life
Of other fight ferocious
Pipe and the glow stick
Through the white and a roach clip
I trained it all in for mics
To twice the emotion
Struggle for energy is constant
Inviting any and everybody
Got enemy that wants it
I'm on my Dom Kennedy, let it be
The John Lennon to me
Forever will be conscious
Godemis and I are binded
We tell 'em all to get brrack
Hit 'em with the klick-clack
UBI in the cockpit, son of a gunner
I get it done and now I'm comin' to get


[Verse 3: J.L.]
JL, they said you only fail when you quit
When your grips excess it's ine-vitable, can't tell me shit
Better be the nigga with hella cheddar
But ever they said nigga that towards me
It's gonna be whatever they eat
When the see me at the award ceremonies, givin' that SO to homies
And look at the mess show, you gotta confess
That it matter don't raggin' I be givin' you none less
They hittin' you with itty b young gettin' look at checks
Keepin' it Strange and that's with a capital S
Flow get wetter, a veteran to the flesh
You could have predict that they get better, one of the best
They look at me, everybody yellin' and I'm next
I regress tookin' the palm myself to keep pressin'
Impress, keep it at a west scene and would Ces
Better note that we comin' to get it
Anybody thinking about opposing
Can get left breathless headless
Won't let 'em come between my precious
Any brrack N-A-P time, I'm at it like I got a D-E-A-D line
And top dog would it be 80 feline
80 degree weather, you'll never be mine, hater
Be know one to do me no favors
When I'm come from the jungles scared of none
Nigga my middle name is Danger
Comin' to hit 'em in the head with another banger
Got 'em scattering the murder with the remainder
All up in they mouth of a hater like a retainer
Definition of entertainers


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