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Ghetto Misses

[Background Music Plays Into the Song]
I'm Da Baddest You Ever Seen
I Scheme Wit Excellence
My Presence Is Full Of Gleam
I Beam Wit Ellegance
Irrelavant Never That
The Greatest And Thats a Fact
I Never Lack Puttin All You Haters Up On They Back
I'm Nuck And Never Gone
I'm Nuck to Take a Thrown
You Think You Grown?
Step Into My Level and Bring It On
We Ghetto And We The Misses
Defeatin You Stupid Bitches
You Down In These Dirty Ditches
We Attackin Up On This Song

I'm Da Baddest Chick If You Didn't Know
I'm That Shinin Diamond Ho
Girl Its Over
None Of Ya'll Compare Up To My Snappin Flos
Cock It Back And Let It Go
Try Me And Watch Me Explode
Who Thats Girl Who's Hatin
Now I'm Illustratin All You Hoes
Hop Out Of That Chevy Ride
Wit The Princess By My Side
Ghetto Misses Hurtin All You Bitches
Til You Rot And Die
Anybody Wanna Get In My Status
Start a Fire and I'll Pop Ya'll Plastic
If You Step To Me.. I Got Pleanty Heat
You Can Look Into The Chrome Automatic

[Chorus X2-Diamond And Princess]
We Dem Ghetto Misses
Stompin Thug Snitches
You Keep On Poppin Out
And We Gone Send You To The Dentist
We Do Not Play No Games
We Bustin At You Lames
We Tellin Everybody Ghetto Misses Run This Thang

Verse Two
Trick You Through
I Thought You Hatin Girls Knew
Retaliation Is a Must
And I Will Bust You and Yo Crew
Pull That Anna
Pull That Rage
Somethin To Say
Step On The Safe
I'ma Criminal This Gone Get Personal
I Got That Arsenol Packin' That Gat
So You Know I'm Bout that Action Hoes
And You Know I'm Packin Chrome
Finna Start a Riot
Don't Get Quiet
Or You Will Get Thrown
Ghetto Misses til I Die
M.O.B Right By My Side
For That Yappy Talkin Help Him
Princess Tell Them How You Ride

I'm Gone You Tell I Ride
Bump You Soon As I Wanna Bite
All These Haters Wanna Pop
But We Don't Stop
We Cock Our Nines
Wit Lil Diamond By My Side
Beatin Hoes From Left To Right
If a Nigga Got Some Anna
Then Its Gonne Be a Fight
Trick You Know We Nothin Nice
You Try Me Once
Don't Try Me Twice
Time To Stubble
Time To Crack Our Knuckles
So Run For Your Life
Mayne I'm On That Killin Spree
Bruisin Haters Lyrically
We Gone Catch You In the Street
So Watch Out Hoe..Don't Fall Asleep

[Chorus X4]

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