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Album: Focused Daily

These Dreams

Aiyyo put one in the air for the ancestors, y'know?
Cause without them, there'd be no us, that's real
There's something on my mind.. everyday, all the time
It's the legacy, y'know? Generations, of black people
Now bust this..
Aiyyo I think about this government, three strikes capital punishment
Enslaved my peoples for four hun-d-red
Yeah, plus some
Often dream of goin back in time and givin slaves guns {*BUK!*}
So they can watch the master run
Watch them devil try to get away then clap his back with the shotgun
I got one, let's cut his head off
Let's take it to Harriet Tubman, show her that we ready to set it off
She get Nat Turner, Nat go get Sojourner
Sojourner send a messanger for Touissant L'Overture
Through the underground railroad, we go
Through the dark to the edge of forrest to meet with Denmark
Vessey, you know he got soldiers ready
Ready to kill like lions, in the Serengeti
So like a stampede we rush the plantation
Settin fire to everything, burn them down like cremation
No hesitation, free up the black nation
Kill them devils take his ships and head back for the mainland
The game plan, yet and still it's just a dream
I never forget, in my mind it never leave, aiyyo
[Chorus 2X: Defari]
I never forget, in my mind it never leave
These dreams, filled with days of slavery
Never forget, in my mind it never leave
These dreams, filled with days of slavery
Yo, aiyyo Jamie was a slave
Every baby she'd have the master would take away
She never seen one long enough to give a name
Everytime the master would rape, Jamie'd feel ashamed
She was only fourteen
Violated, used and abused, far from a queen
I met Jamie in a dream
I gave her a brand new M-16 with two magazines
I told her next time he come around
Act like you want him, get him to lay down
Make sure that he take off his clothing
After that I want you to fill him up, full of bullet holes
Release the whole clip, set trip on that motherfucker
Tell him that's for disrespectin you and your mother
Your grandmother, your great-grandmother
Your brother your father, in the land they call the mother
Next thing you do is round up all the rest
Stay together and shoot your way to freedom, God bless, aiyyo
[Chorus] - 1.5X
Aiyyo, I got DJ Babu in the house
From the World Famous, Beat Junkies
Aiyyo, yo Babs how you feel about this?
And this goes out to all the ancestors
Especially to my grandmother (??)
The foundation, rest in peace
Love you grandma

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