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Album: BONE


Trom: yo fo sho talk shit and i'll put u on the flo, im the realist nigga with the doe mest wit me and u gosta go
Funny: no no ima drop a flow, hit u with my first solo nigguh YALL DONT EVEN KNOW fo sho thats how we roll funny bone be stealin
Trom: check this you wanna dis? cant mess wit this, u drinkin coolade while im drinkin chris. so u wanna dis? go back to shadys sis
Funny: wut u wanna hesitate, while u masterbate, over my words FLiPpIn u the bird
Trom: u cant touch me dont matter how much u wanna be me cuz u'll never see how a true nigga roll u better step back cuz ur hole shit is way outta wack
Funny: aww u crack a joke, nig are u on coke? did u forget that chu hit his sis up even before i woke, cuz u da lil cunt that hits on the lil runt
Funny: want me to help with that, nigguh loose control, whered that come frum, UR ASS HOLE?
Funny: over the walls over ur balls on the floor over the door wut did u eat u lil whore?
Trom: u tihnk u funny, u think u bone? u bes take a rest and leave that shit alone. aint no one laughin, u aint got now rhyme y do i have to tell u this time after time
Trom: u a ho fo sho y u lookin at the floor, i know its cuz u scared, u know u aint got skill so i put u under the hill, so watch out b4 u pay the bill
Funny: i might not be bone, but shyt i got the rhyme, u think u have better rhymes, nigguh not this time. so wut ur name is trom? nigguh that shyt is wack, that the kinda name that chu would get frum yo mom
Trom: ha ha thats funny cuz u came up with that name o thats right now whos the one in shame?
Funny: so y waiste my time, on a nigga that cant rhyme, so go practice with ur mega fone n get it on the dime, n dont come back, until u on track, but shyt as for now yo shyt is WaCk
Trom: ooo shut down to china town o boy i made u look like a silly clown, so wut now? u done u half rappin ass son of a gun?
Funny: wow u think u got the spit, dont make a nigguh wanna hit, man without me u wouldnt bee shyt, n thats on the real, thank a nigguh later, no big deal, but u gotsta fix ur rhyme, it makes me wannna hurl, fact go cry in the corner n think about yo gurl
Trom: thats alright take ur time cuz time after time am i gonna have to prove that u aint got no rhyme
Funny: so wut we usin the same words? cant think of nuthin betteR? take notes frum a nigguh when he be droppin this letter, and u aint got a gun, yo gun is fo fun, the one u shoot, cryin over dynasty, number 1
Funny: G-E-D, thats all u gonna be, nuthin but the first thing right behind ME.
Funny: so sayinn i aint gonna be nuthin only makes me laugh, i give 100 percent, not like u, with only half. thinkin u half of wut i am, a man, who can understand, a lie when it comes out first hand, cory im so tite, haha YEA RIGHT
Trom: i aint gotta clue o boy if you only knew, im thinkg bout going with carl in a few, thats right sylvania was too much fer me, talk ur shit cuz ima be out b. all the way to washington away from people like u so ur the one who aint gotta clue, wut u gonna have when i leave? nothing but one shirt with one short sleve thats right u need me a bigger brother and yeah with a g-e-d. maybe thats all i might be but im not done. cuz im off to washington to start my life and to find me an asian wife
Funny: i can make shyt on my own, thats how we were grown, lack of confidence in a brother? nigguh aim that to ur mother, she the one that lies, not someone like me, so when say i im gonna success, thats how its gonna be, but jason braggin on family departion yo, that shyt aint the key, it hurts u just as much, as it would hurt me, u need me just as much, im sure u will see. so be out....or wutever, that really isnt clever, where u gonna go when the plane pulls down the lever
Funny: chillin in an apt. payin 250 for rent, man fuck it have fun, thats wut i meant. if u leave without goodbye, better believe i will find u, n pop u in ur eye.
Funny: the rhymes earlier, just so u know, arent meant to be takin seriously,. i would never intend to diss, thats not how i go, if u meant wut i read, then stick to wut u said, n be out witcho thick head, but wut if u left, n found out i croaked dead? would u hve wish u went back, and have goodbye be the last thing that u said? live life with no regrets, thats all im gonna say, so go on witcho cussin, like u got some terrets
Trom: HA! big and bad u know ur act is sad u r just like dad thinkin ur the shit when ur image smells like mikes smelly arm pit. its not the look fer you u, u need a pretty dress making mommas stew. cuz its game ova so u better move ova i wasnt seriouse bout movin nigga u tihnk im crazy my place is at home sittin one the couch bein lazy. nigga this all fer fun cuz u know u the only one who understands a jigga so bro you my nigga

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