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Album: Resistance (2004)

The Cursed Egyptian Saga

[Part I - Prelude (Instrumental)]

[Part II - The Creation Of The Gods]

Ra-Harakty, the great Sun-God and Creator, arises from the liquid chaos and, at the highest sacred peak, he masturbates and spits, creating thus a pair of divinities: Shu and Tefenet. They in, gave rise to Geb and Nut - Heaven and Earth.

Rise from liquid chaos the creator of divinity
From above of sacred peak spit in profanation
Like this will be damned Shu and Tefene
Rise Heaven and Earth!

Geb and Nut give rise to four gods: Osiris - the sovereign of the world of the deads; Isis - Osiris' wife, guardian and magician; Seth - Osiris' brother, disorder, desert, storms and the War-God; Neftis - Isis' sister, guardian divinity. These nine divinities form the Nine of Heliopolis.

Sons of darkness, members of Heliopolis
Women and sister, guardians and magicians
Scepter and whip, white crown, feathers and horns
Supreme of dead's world!

Seth, the disorder's God, promotes chaos and death

In the eyes of Seth,
I see the death
In the eyes of Seth
Disorder and chaos
I see the death
Into my world"

[Part III - Betrayal]

Seth, the War-God and betrayer, slays his brother, the sovereign Osiris

The God of War is king!
[Seth:] Osiris is dead!

So Horus is born, the Heaven's God, the most ancient nationalized Egypt's God, conceived by Isis and Osiris' dead body. Horus, furious, wants his father's revenge

Conceived the son of supreme
[Horus:] Vengeance, my heritage!

[Part IV - The Battle Of The Gods]

Horus and Seth wage for Osiris' heritage

The dust of desert is raise
For Seth, the traitor
Horus, old God, God of Heaven
With rage and fury, will destroy
Storm, War, destruction
Dominate the Egyptian spirit

Seth, the disorder and chaos lord, is defeated and dead by Horus, so losing the battle.

Death, funeral, Seth
Now a dead God

Sun-God rises every morning, crosses the sky in the sun raft, grows old and dies. During the night, he travels around the world of the dead in his regeneration cycle. The jackals conduct the raft, announcing thus the death of Seth. Horus, triumphant, stays with father's heritage now revenged.

Jackals leading the ferry of the Gods
Advertising the death of the Father-Chaos
Hours, receive the heritage
Of dead father, now revenged
Storm, War, destruction
Dominate the Egyptian spirit

[Part V - Storm In The Desert (Instrumental)]

A great sandstorm gives way to a devastating rain. It is the end of the battle of the divinities. A storm as furious as the Gods anger calms down the deserts heat.

[Part VI - Pharaohs, Pyramids And Slaves]

Too hot is the desert of this great civilization. Slaves, serves the almighty Osiris in earth - The Pharaoh

Fire is the soul of the desert
Burning in the sand
Slaves don't have soul
Contemplate your God
Working for him
You are my slaves

Thousand of slaves work in the desert, carrying huge stones for the building of the Pharaohs' temple - The Pyramids. Symbols of greatness, the pyramids are part of the empire of the some great and merciless kings, the Pharaohs. In the pyramids lie the sarcophagi where its Pharaoh will rest in the future.
Mummification as part of their funeral customs guarantees to the Pharaoh life after death, as well as the "Spell to advance the day and to get into the underworld" (The Egyptian Book of the Dead - Chapter 72)

The Pharaoh: I am the Pharaoh, you are my slaves - Obey me!
Construct my temple, because I will be - Immortal!

[Part VII - At The Nile's Edge]

From the spring to the delta, the great Nile crosses Memphis and Tebas. Countless cities surround the Nile, as well as the magic oasis. From North to South the Egyptian magic involves the Nile.
ABU-SIMBEL - Power and wealth involve the grateful temples of Ramses II, its colossal statues justify his divinity.
SA EL-HAGAR - Almost disappeared delta's civilization that protects mystically the temple of Amon.
EL-SHEIKH IBADA - Death suits to those who explore the graves caved in its rocks.
KOM EL-AHMAR - Nekheny, the Falcon-God, guards the graveyard of this ancient civilization from High Egypt.
Magnificent thou are, oh Nile! Thou guard in his sacred waters the most magnificent secrets of these civilizations. As immortal as the Pharaoh, you guard in the deserts, power, oasis and pyramids. Hail!

[Part VIII - The Curse]

Baboons clamour Ra's solar boat, that by traveling in the dead's world calls for Nut, Son-God's granddaughter, who becomes mother, whose mouth the night enters. Who is born in the morning. Gods, guardians of the Egyptian spirit, keep curses for those who disrespect the Egyptian temples, the Pharaohs' soul. The Ancient soul.

In the sunrise and sunset
Living the supreme souls
From this empire of slavery
Enter my tomb
Discover your reaches and
Cursed you will be for all eternity!

Men will pay for disrespecting the Egyptian souls and Gods. Time is coming. Egypt will reign again. Invocated will be the strength of merciless God Seth. With anger and rage the Nine of Heliopolis will return, and thus will destroy! Damned be all of you men!

Cursed you will be for all eternity!

[Part IX - Epilogue (Instrumental)]

[Márcio Tadeu Silva (April 1999)]

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