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Album: Trap House (2005)
   Trap House
   That's All
   Booty Shorts
   Two Thangs
   Money Don't Matter
   That's My Hood
   Black Tee
   Go Head
Album: Hard To Kill (2006)
   Street Niggaz
   My Chain
   Hold Dat Thought
   Freaky Gurl
   Go Head
   Trap Starz
   Drive Fast
   Stick Em Up
   Everybody Know Me
   Trap Gurl
   Alley Cat
Album: Back To The Trap House (2007)
   16 Fever
   I Might Be
   What I'm Talking Bout
   Bird Flu
   Drink It Straight
   Stash House
   I'm Cool
   I Move Chickens
Album: The State Vs. Radric Davis (2009)
   Stupid Wild
   All About The Money
   I Think I'm In Love
   Bad Bad Bad
   Sex In Crazy Places
   The Movie
   Gingerbread Man
   Kush Is My Cologne
   Worst Enemy
Album: Trap-A-Thon (2007)
   Big Cat (Intro)
   Bling Bling
   Big Cat's Home
   Freaky Gurl
   What They Do
   Good News & Bad News
   Choppa Shoppin'
   Bad Guys
   Pillz (Remix)
   Spanish Plug
   Bosses Speak
   Freaky Gurl (Remix)
   2 Screws Loose
Album: Murder Was The Case (2009)
   Runnin' Back (Getting Fat)
   Block Party
   Murder Was The Case
   Murder For Fun
   Trap Money (Remix)
   Neva Had Shit
   Yella Diamonds
   Get Low (Like A Lambo)
   Say Damn
   Cuttin' Off Fingaz
   Shittin' Onum
Album: Burrrprint (2) HD (2010)
   Atlanta Zoo
   Everybody Looking
   Beat It Up
   911 Emergency
Album: Mr. Zone 6 (2010)
   Its Goin Up
   Georgia's Most Wanted
   You Know What It Is
   Making Love To The Money
   Long Money
Album: Way Below Zero (2010)
   Bite Me
   Yeahhh (Pop Your Back)
   Gucci Time
   It's Alive
Album: The Appeal: Georgia's Most Wanted (2010)
   Little Friend
   Trap Talk
   What It's Gonna Be
   Making Love To The Money
   Gucci Time
   Party Animal
   Remember When
   It's Alive
   Dollar Sign
   Brand New
   Grown Man
   Beat It Up
   Georgia's Most Wanted
Album: The Return Of Mr. Zone 6 (2011)
   24 Hours
   Mouth Full Of Gold
   This Is What I Do
   Shout Out To My Set
   I Don't Love Her
   Better Baby
   Pretty Bitches
   Hell Yeah
   My Year
   Trick Or Treat
Album: Ferrari Boyz (2011)
   Ferrari Boyz
   15th And The 1st
   Break Her
   Mud Musik
   Young Niggas
   Suicide Homicide
   She Be Puttin' On
   So Many Things
   Too Loyal
Album: Trap Back (2012)
Album: I'm Up (2012)
   Without Me
   I'm Up
   Trap Boomin'
   Wish You Would
   Brought Out Them Racks
   Spread The Word
   Drink Mud
   Anytime You Ready
   Super Cocky
   Careless And Reckless
   Plain Jane
Album: Trap God 2 (2013)
   Big Guwap
   When I Was Water Wippin
   Nuthin On Ya
   Bullet Wound
   Bob Marley
   Pistol In The Party
   Squad Car
   Rich Muthafucka
   Can't Interfere Wit My Money
   Really Ready
   You Gon Love Me
   Gods Witness
   Runnin Circles
   Break Dancin
   Get The Doe
   Fly Shit
   Supposed 2
Album: East Atlanta Memphis (2013)
   Cant Handle Me
   Get It Back
   Going Crazy With The Work
   I Aint Even Gonna Lie
   Im Offended
   Like Me
   Mob Ties
   On The Run
   Tell Me Nothin
   Trap House
Album: Trap Back 2 (2013)
   Dont Deserve It
   Family Tree
   Playin With The Money
   Hood Bitches
   Like I Used 2
   Cant Walk
   Dumb Fine
   That Pack
   Crazy Things
   Iron On Me
   Done With Her
   Full Of It
   Picture That
   James Worthy
   White Man
Album: Money, Pounds, Ammunition (2013)
   PeeWee Longway (Intro)
   James Bond
   Started From Scatch
   Don't Blow My Capsule
   I'm Dealin
   Car Smell
   Dress Her
   Spike Lee
   Runnin Round The Lobby
   John Dillenger
   Jugg Nigga
   Foreign Dreams
   King Pin
   Stuff Crust
Album: Trap House III (2013)
   Traphouse 3
   Use Me
   Nuthin On Ya
   Hell Yes
   I Heard
   Fuck With Me
   Can't Trust Her
   Point In My Life
   Off The Leash
Album: World War 3: Gas (2013)
   Cant Walk
   Christmas Tree
   Bad Bitch
   Trap God Trap God
Album: World War 3: Lean (2013)
   Blue Face Rollie
   Its Not A Day
   Servin Lean
   Done With Her
   That Pack
   Dope Show
   Birds Of A Feather
Album: World War 3: Molly (2013)
   You A Drug
   So Much Money
   Long Time
Album: Diary Of A Trap God (2013)
   I Heard
   Keep It Real
   Pussy Wet
   Show A Young Nigga
   She A Soldier
   High Power Cowards
   Nuthin On Ya
   Nights Like This
   All These Bitches
   Stash House
   Fall Back
   Club Swole
   Cold Hearted
   Realest Ever Lived
Album: Dinner (2015)
   Turn Back Time
   Choose Up
   Right Now
Album: Breakfast (2015)
   Take It Easy
Album: 1017 Mafia: Incarcerated (2015)
   1017 Mafia
   Dead People
Album: Brick Factory III (2015)
   Heart Attack
   Down On That
Album: Brick Factory: Volume One (2014)
   Cash Shit
   Say A Prayer
   Pour Some More
   No Love
   On Us
   Bring It On
   My Customer
   Serve On
   Love Somebody
   Texas Margarita
   Paper Problems
   Real Gas
Album: Trap House 5 (The Final Chapter) (2015)
   On The Reg
   Money Stacks
   Cold Day
   I Used To Know Her
   No One Else
   What Is You Sayin'
   Too Long
   Fat Pockets
Album: Wopbotber (2016)
   Love Her Body
   Dirty Lil Nigga
   Right On Time
   Bling Blaww Burr
   Money Machine
   The Left
   Out The Zoo
   Last Time
   Icy Lil Bitch
   Intro: Fuck 12
Album: The Return Of Mr. Perfect (2014)
   Mrs. Perfect
   Perfect (Intro)
   Picture Perfect
   Fifty Large
   Guinne Pig
   Lil Dudes
Album: The Spot (2015)
   Big Money
   Dope Love
   No Problems
   I Wouldn't Do It
   Blama On Ya
   Ball With You
   I Deserve It
   Super Bad
Album: Trap God 3 (2014)
   Making Money
   Start Pimpin
   Speed Bumps
   Shit Wouldn't Happen
   #TG3 Intro
   So Hoody
   I Don't Do Roofs
   Swole Pocket Shawty
   Finger Waves
   Stand 4 It
   5 O'Clock
Album: Everybody Looking (2016)
   Multi Millionaire Laflare
   All My Children
   Out Do Ya
   Pop Music
   At Least A M
   Gucci Please
   1st Day Out Tha Feds
   Pick Up The Pieces (Outro)
   Pussy Print
   Richest Nigga In The Room
   No Sleep (Intro)
   Back On Road
   Guwop Home
Album: Mr. Clean, The Middle Man (2015)
   Mr. Clean The Middle Man
   Everybody Dies
   Gang Bangin'
   Straight Drop
   Lay It Down
   Early Birdy
   Pocket Watcher (Skit)
Album: Dessert (2015)
   Don't Make Me Mad
   Play Too Much
   I Came To Ball
Album: Lunch (2015)
   Get My Pistol
   Lunch Freestyle
   Dead End
   Make Yo Move
   Gucci & Trinidad
   Money Scheme
Album: The Oddfather (2014)
   Trap On Wheels
   Say That Then
   Tore Up
   Bossed Up
   Roll One
   Oddfather Intro (From The Inside)
   Brick N a Brick
   Flight Risk
Album: Trap House Four (2014)
   Jugg House
   Top In The Trash
   Bum Bum
   Drugs Like You
   Spit In Yo Face
   How We Rockin
   Dope Love
   Standing In Line
   Bigger Picture
   I'm So Numb
   Never Had Shit
   Bet Money
Album: The Return Of East Atlanta Santa (2016)
   Walk On Water
   I Can't
   St. Brick Intro
   Drove U Crazy
   No Smoke
   Last Time
   Greatest Show On Earth
Album: Views From Zone 6 (2015)
   Rolling Stone
   Make Yo Move
   Right Now
Album: Free Bricks 2K16 (Zone 6 Edition) (2016)
   Die A Gangsta
   Kinda Dope
   Zone 6
   All Shooters
   RR Trucks
   Selling Heroin
Album: King Gucci (2015)
   Ice Cream
   Still Selling Dope
   I'm Too Much
   King Gucci
   Saran Wrap
   Real Dope Boy
   Put Some Wood In Her
   Got Her Drunk
   I Hate Hoes
Album: Trapology (2015)
   Brick Phone
   Parking Lot
   New Gun
   Break Down
   Bitches Ain't Shit
   Scared Of The Dark
   Born With It
   East Atlanta
   I Get So Get So High
   Young Niggas
   Ass Everywhere
   We So Fly
Album: East Atlanta Santa (2014)
   One Min
   Put Yourself In My Shoes
   Dope Money
   Maybe Its The Juice
   Don't Count Me Out
   Odd Ball
   Trappin Out The Mansion
   Dead People
   One Day At A Time (Outro)
Album: Gucci Vs. Guwop (2014)
   Boss Shit
   Rip Slim Dunkin
Album: Big Gucci Sosa (2014)
   Top In The Trash
   Semi On Em
   Don't Loose No Load
   Start Pimpin
   So Much Money
   First Day Of School
   Turn Up
   Baby Daddy Broke
Album: 3 For Free (2017)
   Sir Brix A-Lot
   Wasn't Me
Album: other songs
   3rd Quarter
   I Think I Love Her
   Mo Money
   No No No
   Photo Shoot
   Shirt Off
   Slumber Party

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