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Album: Unification


In the year 2110 earth is controlled by the Iron Savior. The gigantic machine built of Atlantis to defend the lost continent against it's enemies, the so - called Alliance still is mistaken.The computer-unit analysis still identifies man as the destroyer of Atlantis. So it continues to carry out the prime directive: Protect Atlantis and conquer the Alliance.
On earth only few people managed to hide from the bloodhounds of the Savior in the former Earth-Defense - Headquarters (E.D.H) underneath the everlasting ice of Greenland. The machine, from the very first moment of it's arrival,was transmitting signals directly to the atlantic Ocean, North Africa, South America and the Easter Islands. This behavior led some people to the "theory of Atlantis" And in fact after a major search for anything related to the old myth some artifacts were found on the Azores and on the Easter Islands. The dig on the Easter Islands uncovered something like the entrance to an ancient structure of unknown purpose. Shielded and protected by force fields of unknown sources the station couldn't be entered by anybody yet. But all of a sudden another transmission - similar to the Savior's transmission but yet different - was detected. Sensors indicated that the source must be located right in the heart of the ancient structure.
The attempts to enter the station made the last Atlantian on earth awake from his 300.000 years lasting stasis sleep. Now the "Sleeper" is the last member aliver of the Atlantian Iron savior Defence Program. But when he transmitted the secret codes to direct the controls of the Savior to his station something unexpected happened. The computer unit refused to obey his command. It almost appeared to him, as if the unit is conscious - with a will of it's own, just like an organic life from.
The awakening of the sleeper and the contact with the last Atlantian on earth brougth a lot of clarity and turned the "theory of Atlantis"into a hard fact. On the other hand the situation did not change at all since the machine seems to disobey the orders of it's creators. The only chance to free manking from the Savior is now to awake the bio unit. But even this seems doubtful if the robot in deed developed a consciousness and now acts like a being with emotions and the hunger for power. It is very much likely that the computer will also disobey the orders of the bio unit. So the Savior needs to be defeated of destroyed which at this time seems to be impossible.
In this situation a big fleet of allen vessels enters the solar system. They have come from the distant planet of Caldaris to investigate on the transmission of the Iron Savior. The Caldaris are the ancestors of the Atlantian fugitives.Their forefathers left the dying civilization of Atlantis to find a new home in the vestness of space. But over the millenniums they forgot about their origin and the Old World became a myth of legends and tales. But the Calderis never give up the search although thousands of expeditions returned to Calderis wihout a clue. But this time they have reached their final dstiny.
Together with the sleeper mankind is able to make contact and explain the fatal mistake of the Savior. So now with the unexpected help from the stars earth will fight the final battle and it seems, that the Savior can be defeated.
And the time of unification for all of mankind is about to come...

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