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Album: Worldwide (2015)

Cha Cha Cypher

[Jay Park, Gray, Cha Cha Malone:]
Yo, it's Jaebum Park
It's Gray
Pause pause
By the name of AOMG-
Worldwide album, set to release-
We'd like to interrupt your regular scheduled programming, and give you some rap shit

Alright, yo
I need a Cha Cha beat boy

[Jay Park:]
Current time is 11:11
You're all water deeper than friendship
And we're the oil above you
Started from the bottom, now we outchyea illin'
Now we all drive foreign cars, feeling like Lee Kun-Hee
Every day on top of the stage it's the mic I kill
Pass over the compliments and they keep blaming me
Trying to be me, it's pitiful, they try and bite my skills
I'm Paloalto, every move I makes the highlight reel

You start from the basics, ABCDEGH all over again
Keep going and it's just TUVWXYZ 'till the end
"Dudart" inside the Rodeo, that's the coffee shop I run
Listen to this song and go there, I'll give you a discount
I, I lead the way, I don't follow trends
They run like crazy, trying to catch up with me
Someone please stop me
Inside your fridge, I'm so cool, always Hakuna Matata

I done told Jay, this game is too easy
Almost feels like I'm holding the cheat key
I'm just waiting for the mothafuckin' time to use it
If you doubt me after hearing this then just slash your fucking wrists on the spot
I can go door to door, I'll find you myself
Cut your flesh and spill blood, put it in a cup
Have a toast with my team and empty it
Devour the rest of the body with our families

Yeah, we on top of the food chain, it's the motherfucker
The name of G2 the new king
I'm the king of the generation, leading the movement
Follow me now, I'm the only motherfucker with the blue print
My future's all drawn up in my head
I see it clearly, like a god drew a map himself for my success
I'm mapping my destiny out just like it says
I breathe as a king and when I die, I'll die as a legend

Knock everyone down and lay them on the bed
If you wanna be with me, get in line outside my show
The faces of my guards getting crushed by my fans' hands
Drunk kids in front of me go crazy, taking off their clothes
Going for broke like they're unemployed
'Cause they've got no tomorrow
Pointing fingers and being sarcastic in front of elders
Two bloodshot eyes, dark red, I can't fall asleep
Tonight won't be over before you position your body

So let's all be bad, motherfucker
I perform at the cinema, laying out my life view
There's only jealous kids
Only level C's and D's that can't understand us
Flying through space, I'm already in a different place
You're mad because you're looking for an answer on Earth
JOMG's in your dreams
Truck's coming, it's not swerving
It's heading for the city

I-I'm ready to go
C'mon now let's light this motherfucker up

Fuck off, my foreign car
Fuck off, my Rolex
I just tried buying one, everyone has it so usually I'm not interested but it made me curious
And my new hobby is just counting money
All day, everyday, every day is pay day
No exaggeration, really, every day my employees are balancing my account, man
Hitting over 1000 a week, and every month I get a hundred million
If you scowl at my lyrics then alright, fuck you

Come at me and I'll break you apart like Ppushu Ppushu
All you lying "scholars," please just go starve
Everyone wants to define hip hop, it's crazy
This is just music, fuck your bullshit knowledge
I'm not the problem, I'm the answer
In a completely different class than you all
We're in different sections
My life is smoking hot while you're all smoking cigarettes
You dream you can do anything, I'm the wall in front of that

[Dayday (David Kim):]
Yeah, uh
I ain't no Basick but I be sicker than your average
Flow so heavy, thicker than a fat bitch
Don't get close when I grab the mic, move it back bitch
Make a mistake around me and then it's brain damage
My rap's so sick, it'll turn you inside out
You all can't digest, so I'll chew it for you
Rappers like endoscopes, they keep looking at livers
I'm playing with this rap game, Hadouken

Ha, so my insanity is coming soon
My girls overseas say I'm not an earthling
Your limit is the clouds, I call space my first step
Almost like Minshik saw the devil, too
Fuck Avengers, this is Suicide Squad shit
Better than any music already out there but no fouls
And me on this cypher like a knife to a gun fight
My bold punchlines are more god-type than gods

[Xitsuh (Seo Chul-goo):]
Yo, you all fade out, it's time to run away
Fuck the system, hallelujah, this is a pilgrimage
I'm standing at the very front, so follow me
I even walked out on broadcasts, way out from my name
Thought I was "way too nice," like Mad Clown
Nah, I'm a really bad motherfucker
Gotta go, ah, fully lock and load (bang bang bang)
Carrying my gun myself as I go forward

Oh fuck it, your lyrics are like a "devil's edit"
Try writing about some attitude or culture
You sell hip hop to make money to put food in your mouth
But now your mouth's glued shut, man
It's disgusting when you come and pretend to be nice
Breaking out in sweats and making excuses to JJK
Why can't the motherfuckers who pretended they don't know face away anymore from our real cypher

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