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Album: This Is My First Album

Blase Blah (Off Tha Head)

A yo It's Kwest again. Speakin' to all the niggas out there who got girls.
On hte real you gotta stop hittin' 'em and neglecting them cause...yo no
joke I'll fuck 'em word check it.

Verse 1:
Now this my sound fowl messed up wrong or shady
But if you and your girl ain't right I'll fuck your lady
You better get her in check cause it only takes one wrong move to get me
Case and point, the other day I go to my mans crib
Caucasions out there, of course where us black folk live
This girl came to the door, now baby bad to the bone
Say he went to the store he wasn't home
He left her all alone
She says I could come in and wait, yeah I'm with that
We chit chat, drivin' eachother like, huh, I'd love to hit that
Baby pops a video into the machine, a triple X cherry fill the screen
You know what that mean, POW
Been at it for an hour or more, I hear the door
Oh shit, what the fuck you doin' with my girl on the floor?
Man if you don't know then I ain't tellin' you shit.
She started it I hope you ain't mad kid.

Don't take this personal
I'm tappin' your miss. Like this like that, like that like this
Yo, while you running to the store I'm running up in the girl
Givin' her thrills makin' her toes curl
Yeah, don't take it personal kid, I'm tapping your miss
Like this like that, like that like this
While you hangin' with your boys, I'm hangin' out with your girl
Takin' honey to a whole different world

Verse 2:

Kwest talking:Next story, this kid around my way had a cutie, but he use to
swing on her and hit her and tap that jaw. And I started tappin' that ass.
Peep it.

Some niggas got dimes but don't know how to treat them
Knock around treat her face like a bag in the gym
A kid I know was like that, he hit his girl with the quickness
She had thickness, so I use slick with the stickness
After one fight they had I took her to my house
Let her put her head on my shoulders and cry them eyes out
Said Believe it or not I understand.
You should cut that bastard off cause he ain't a real man.
Why you have to go there, show my sensitive side
And like KRS I'm in there
He put her through hell, I took her straight to heaven
Had her open so long, she thought she was in 7-11
See the way we hit was a whole different thing
When he touches her it stings, but my touch makes her coochie sing
The more he kept flexin' and neglectin'
The more I stepped in his section and gave her protection with the erection
And when money rolled up like You violated kid.
I told him You didn't do it right so I did.
Now he's facin' the floor talkin' bout Kwest you fowl
Hold up just hear me out now pal

While you're crusin' in your ride I be riding you dip
You should hear the noises coming from her lips
While you puffin' on a blunt your stunt, is puffin' on mine
Then I flip her and tap that ass from behind

Verse 3:
Kwest talking:Next case and point, this kid I knew. He was mad pussy, pure
T bitch. But he came around the way with a girl that was kinda flavor, and
you know what I had to do.

Now money grip peep it you think you so fly
But on the real I'd like to deck you in the motherfuckin' eye
You think that you so flavor, but if I roll on you kid, huh
Nothing can save you, cause you know I never did like you
Everytime you came around I didn't wanted to fight you
Talkin' bout you get pussy, huh, that's dead
The last time you were in some as the doctor screamed I see the head!
You too busy planning scams with your piece
To realize the wife you have is mad sweet, freaky, tight and naaaasty
So now I guess you gots to know, this here bone is sticking your hoe
On the down low, I did it kind of to get you back
To prove that no one can master the honey snatcher, punany catcher
And that shit is good like a motherfucker
Now who's the sucker, ran your girl, go get another
Bet she made you choose a bag evertime you did her
Guess what? I raw dog the first time I did her
While you on the block slangin' rocks, bustin' shots with your glock
Your wifey is playin' with my cock
So I suggest you go get another bitch, cause this one is made to switch
Cause like the Pepsi challenge she chose me
And last night, guess what? Your girl rode me
UP and down, down and down, south and north, north and south
I even got to put this dick in her mouth
So if you wanna try to play me
Come on kid don't even try to be a baby

While you're laying down tracks I'm laying down with your shortie
Then get up and drink your fourty

Kwest talking:
Alright fuck it, you got the picture, we gettin' ready to do it like this,
check it

Now while you on lock down, your girl is taking my cock down
While you working at Micky D's your girl is working on deeeez
Like this and that and this and a -Snoop
While you're riding your bike, your girl is checking my mic
While you dancing at the jam, I'm cracking open that clam
While you buying a gat, I'm seeing her putty cat
And since you're gone on the phone, cause she gettin' my bone
While you're wheeling and dealing, your girl is kneeling and feeling

This is Kwest and I'm out this piece
It's like THAT! Bomb, there it is

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