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Home >> Kwest Tha Madd Lad >> I Met My Baby At V.i.m.
Album: This Is My First Album

I Met My Baby At V.i.m.

Ha ha ha oh my god. Ring around the rosie ha ha

Verse 1:
Now let me see if I remember this was back in September
Um I'd say around 2 or 3 my man and me coming past the junior high
Kickin' the blahzay blah over a 40
When my man said Daaaaam kid look at the ass on shortie!
I turned around and flip script Ah kid look at them tits.
A yo thickness can I talk to you for a bit?
I figured shortie had to be a teachers aid
But if they had teachers back when I was making my grade, I would of stayed
Parlayed, played it smooth kickin' it to Miss Thang
Eyes fixed on them big thighs goin' back and forth on that swing
She looked young in the face, but that ain't slowin' my pace
And pretty soon we had a date at my place
My nigga gave me dap, cause he knew I was about to tap that
Look back and reacted like Oh, snap! She got a backpack!
But that was her steelo, so I payed it no whatnot
I busy thinkin' bout weather or not I could get up in this little sluts twat
I heard my ding dong at about a quarter to 10
I was playin' that flavor role, so mom dukes let her in
Gave her a fast How ya doin'? and pushed her off to my room
Mom pulled me to the side like Um, son, she look kinda young
I joked like Age don't count then turned around and I bounced
It wasn't long before my tounge was playin' tag with her mouth
Wasn't frontin on a nigga, so I knew he would...well you know
This bitch was mad butter, but I didn't know she was Butta-few-co

Rock a bye baby on the tree top
You should of seen shortie riding my cock
When my vibrates, her crattle will fall
And down will come shortie, punany and all

Verse 2:
She got butt ass quick fast Damn, booby you built.
Where did you get all that?
I'm drinkin' milk.
Oh that pussy is kilt.
I felt on them breastesis and decieded
How to see if she freaky like you tellin', so impress the bitch
Sucked her earlops, neck, up and down her back
Fingers, titties, stomach, thighs, toes then up to lick the assssss crack
I saved the best for the omega
And buried my face in her shit while twistin' her tits like joysticks to a
Make her toes curl up, as my tongue twirled and fucked her world up
Lickin' the clitoris, really shook daddy's little girl up
I got slimed as her juiced poured over my face like wine
Intertwine the body of mine, 69
She sucked the skinny viens of my dick quick
Lickedy split my shit spit (pllllll)
Hun, got cum colored lip stick
Reached under my bed for the jim hat, hopin' she hadn't saw me
But she peeped them and said Gimmie and put that shit on for me
Looked at me like Please be gentle huh, alright
Knowin' damn well someone is leavin' walking fucked up tonight
Slipped my big fat, into her itty bitty kit cat
And what felt like a hand ran into my shit like NIGGA GET BACK
Naw, I must be buggin' the fuck out
I couldn't be the first shovel to attemp to dig out her nappy dug out
I pulled out like We gots to talk so she started to tell
Hit me in the head love love when she said I'm only 12. (dooow)
Now my status has dropped from mad phat to peasant
Cause it's not pleasant to have the news round that you fucked the

Kwest talking:
Shit I only did 16 months and she was crazy cute so fuck all y'all puntos
who try to say Kwest is Butta-few-co

Rock a bye baby on the tree top
You should of seen shortie riding my cock
Honey was bold, but the story unfolds
A-yo judge, I didn't know she was only 12 years old.

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