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Home >> Kwest Tha Madd Lad >> Skin Care
Album: This Is My First Album

Skin Care

Mmmmmmmmmm.. damn this track is butter
No artificial flavors here kid
Yo matter of fact
it's not even butter it's lubrication check it

Now peep the flilz nilz if you will Bill or take a chill pill
As I drop the real deal on my everyday bilznilz
Bouncin love love with my man in a Lexus
Gucci shoppin hoppin huntin for the opposite sexes
Holdin down the Boule' when I stopped for a red light
And peep the mega the don kick, crazy bumpin headlights
Yo Rod, that looks scrumptions don't it, CHILL I want it
Take the wheel for a moment, cause I'm about to JUMP ON IT
Ran up inside hon, and got that mouth wide kid
Had her open like 7/11, with that Southside shit
Now what's your name, where you live, what's your #, what's the age?
Is you single, where's your man, is he big, yo do you date?
Would you like to have my shirt, have my car, have my child?
Can I bite you on your WHOOMP THERE IT IS caught the smile
She's like, Pleased to meet cha, my name is Tenisha
I'm goin to get some pizza and see my cousin Kadesha
I gots to give props, your game's mad far from booty
So do you have a name, or can I call you cutie?
Ahh, I had the mental smack dab in my pocket
But if I wanted to rock it, watch me go ahead and lock it
I put my arm around her squeezed and shorty said, Uh uh, please
You don't know me to touch, you might have some disease
Ohhh, so now I look like I got somethin, stop frontin
on the skillz squally, you know I'm a little bumpin
Do I look like I got gonoh-syphla-mydia phase III
Walkin round beggin people TO MAKE LOVE TO ME
Boom, she started rollin, caught the buzz from my pager
Peeped the flavor, she looked amazed like
Oh, you just played yourself
How you gonna peep the next one while we talkin?
That's foul you ass-out son and started walkin
I grabbed her arm, nice and calm
Took my finger and stroked the palm
I said, My bad sweetheart, I didn't mean you no harm
Yeah I know I went out fellas but you woulda did the same exact
if the girl you met came this packed, no jokes, this dame was FAT!
Anyway, let it slide, popped the backs out of my ride
Went to the shop, hopped out, and we all slide inside
Her cousin was AHHIGHT, no dime kid but she was sportable
Baby gets up from booth and said, Can I have a quarter boo?
She ran to the phone, and wasn't on there too long
Came back like, My parents are gone yo.. IT'S ON!
Wanna come to my house and parlay for a bit? Rod looked at me
like 'You butter baby', nahhhhhhhhh kid, I'm lubrication


I'm so smooth, 'How smooth?'
Hon said I'm so smooth they should call me lubrication -- Pete Rock
Cause I'm so smooth, 'How smooth?'
Hon said I'm so smooth they should call me lubrication -- Pete Rock
Cause I'm mad smooth, 'How smooth?'
Hon said I'm so smooth they should call me lubrication -- Pete Rock
The man is so smooth, 'How smooth?'
Hon said I'm so smooth they should call me lubrication -- Pete Rock

I took Rod to his house, gave him dap, THEN I'M OUT
Told him, Beep me later after I saw what honey was about
For the whole ride, shorty hand was strokin my thigh
Nipples on hard, lickin her lips, *sucking lips* Aiy-yi-yi!
My ding-a-ling-a-ling, was ting-a-ling-a-ling
All ready to go steady and slide up in her little bitty ting
As soon as we got in the rest, we didn't rest, Kwest made progress
Off with the bra, tongue on them breasts
Rubbin on her thighs, started unbuttonin them Guess
Jeans off, panties down, ooh no hair, YES!
Slid my finger up inside, her tight wet cootie
She started moanin and squirmin, with her big fat booty
Another finger went in, and she went buckwild kid
I bent down and licked my thumb, and started strokin that clit
Word is bond, she was mad turned on, long gone and screamed
Oooh I'm gonna come, so I was like, Hah, come on!
Tightened up then BOO-YAA, glory hallelujah!
She done covered and whispered lover, Now I'm gonna do ya!
Pulled my Kani drawers off and gripped my ass kid
Then she put her.. NAH, too graphic, but it was mad fantastic!
After she was done, with that oral stimulation
I guess it was Kwest's turn, for a bit of reciprication
Went to play Jeffrey Dahmer, then I paused, on the L
I sniffed my finger, whew, no awkward jaws
I guess you could say I can't get enough of that funky stuff
Cause I ate it, I ate it all, I ate it alllll up!
I put the Starter Cap on the bozack, can't get with no kid rap
She took it like, I'm cleaner than clean, you don't have to wear that!
CHILLL, I use it or we stop
Cause it's one-eight-seven on an uncovered cock!
Legs on her shoulders bout to do what I gotta do
UHHH, I'm, so, in-to you
Hittin it, hittin it, hittin it, SMACK!
I made the coochie fart, when I swung the BACK ATTACK!
Then she got on top, the booty was nice and leaky
Grindin that fat butt on me, GWAL COME FREAKY DEAKY
She wouldn't let me in the anus but I don't sweat it
As we dressed, she said, Booby don't be stressed
I'm not, you know I'ma get it
I got bouncy after a fat hug, kiss and a pinch {pager beeps}
Ooh who dis? Oh hittin that'll be a cinch
I'm lubrication

Chorus w/ variations


So smooth they should call me lubrication
* cut and scratched *

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