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swerve right swerve left (4)

if you aint never had shit(swerne on em')
for you daddy in tha pin(swerve on em')
actin bad off that gin what (swerve on em')
fuck you nigga (swerve on em')

verse 1(lil boosie)
you might catch me on the interstate(i10)acin' hoes holla there he go (who) boosie bad ass and these fools know i keep that thang there go that yard spinning hard from lane to lane dont play no games cause ill make yo all a demostastion why you swerving cause they hatin' why they hatin' cause you makin this cash dawg this hash dawg who you thought it would be if you aint buckin' to the silling you aint rolling wit me i got this swervin' shit from back in the day when niggas on they b's and v's made you get out they way (hey) people holla why you act like this is it them pills hell no its the saddest shit that i don lived keep it real you be swerving to your future standing bout a thousand hoes done heard of you that dirty do anything to atract them hoes hang out the window with they shirt off throwing up them 4's this how it go
you by tha club (swerve)
you wit you girl (swerve)
an nigga mug (swerve)
all my thugs (swerve)

verse 2(webbie)
im doin 55 in a burban straight swervin wit a high yellow fine virgin and we swervin' holla imma fool boy you heard me straight swervin' a nigga behind me in excursion and he swervin' hit tha parking lot by the club just swervin head light shinning on my dubs while im swervin'i keep a old pistol on my lap while i swerve just in case i have to pull the gap while im swervin' i play thhe 6 by 9's while i swerve i gotta have yhe killa and the yak while im swervin
a 4 or 5 hundred dolla stack big swervin' smoking on some dosa early monday and i been swerving scince thursday red bone in tha back got me swerving shit i done took my eyes up off the road while i was rubbin on that cat doin it big like that nigga swerving its all good we on tha map baton rouge were you at swerve

verse 3(lil boosie)
this for my thugs in penatetary who hilla shit like gutta gutta when you mention me that hennesy man that hen got me swerving crazy saw a dime turn my and almost hit a lady slow down baby well lil in tha back in my li jr. in my other lap dont fuck with that cause ill hit you with that nina ross its on you r haed bitch you dead ill pay tha cost cause imma boss in tha south side of baton rouge when niggas swerving on then twenty's and them twenty two's we act a foolback in tha game i used to throw a dream in my firebird with them coppers and them fuckin screens sippin that lean acting like i neva had shitbust you up in wrap u up in plastic show your ass magis abra cadabr cado here go lil boo this verse to all my hoes who be swerving to
ssb (swerve)
upt (swerve)
park t easy ccc (swerve)
fairfeild (swerve)
sharewood (swerve)
every hood in baton rouge its all good swerve

music fades

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