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Album: other songs

Dance Wit You

It's a brand new year, 2004
Some brand new gear (yeah i already know),
We don't play 20's round' here (no) not no more,
big whips, big chips, big dick in ya hoe (oh yeah),
legal money, no more kickin in doors,
no more counter-fit, no more stealin out stores,
its more dro, more yack, more bo's, throwbacks,
jail balls hell no, i need more stacks,
???, more sex, plenty crystál,
B.Y.O.P., bring yo own pistol,
we ain't goin no where so ya'll can call the police,
eyes all red (ya know) like i ain't had no sleep,
big round fine catchin eyes like she know me,
booty all wide, country thighs, you a dime piece,
make me wanna ask you what ya size and go shopping,
fix ya up good make ya girls wanna copy

Look let me dance wit ya (dance wit ya),
Now let me dance wit ya (dance wit ya),
Now let me dance wit ya (dance wit ya),
Now let me dance wit ya (dance wit ya),
I ain't bein menace,
I'm tryna dance wit ya (dance wit ya),
Now let me dance wit ya (dance wit ya), 6x
Forget ya baby daddy, I'm tryna dance wit ya,
Now let me dance wit ya (dance wit ya),
Now let me dance wit ya (dance wit ya)

(yeah, yeah)
Look, I no you tired of buckin, you jus wanna dance,
This for my fans, work that thang up in them pants,
Shake you hands and yo breasts at the same time,
Thats Boosie's dance, learn that dance, then you form a line,
Gotta shine, when I dance I be shining more,
My jewelry glow, it ain't nuttin for me to pull or whoa,
Settle down, be cool, slow motion for me,
I ain't gotta tell shawtay, she know I'm thuggin,
Booty rubbin when ya dance,
Do that turn ya on?,
If your emotions start trippin, I'll lay the bone,
Back it up, make it drop, then brang it to me,
Slang it to me, act like you 'gon do dangers to me,
I got the whole club lookin for real,
Sweat drippin off my body, I 'don pop me a pill,
Outside spinnin wheels, we ain't playin no more,
And got the slap up in the truck, if you 'gon dance some more


You actin funny wit it, girl whats happnin wit that,
Quit actin like you ain't never had that thang from the back,
Why can't nobody pet it gurl, its just a lil cat,
And I ain't tryna mistreat it or nuthin like that,
You got a old man, yeah I hear you have,
What he 'gon get mad and put yo ass in the club for?,
I ain't tryna mess nuttin up, I ain't lyin,
We got that ahh, but we jus came to have a good time,
I'm still 'gon throw gang signs cuz I claim mine,
But that baby look like Busta Rhymes, girl, that ain't mine,
So you need to take yo dirty ass home,
Go clean yo damn ass and that dirty ass thong,
Bath them damn shirts, clean that damn house,
Get yo ass and errything, and then come out,
Say you a fool, you jus runnin your mouth,
Bend it over, bust it open, let me see what you bout


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