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Album: Black Friday (2011)

Killin' Em

[Biggie Smalls]
Where Brooklyn at? [4X]

Let's touch the pavement quick
This shit right here is for the whole East coast

[Chorus: Fabolous]
You whassup girl, ain't gotta ask it
I dead 'em all now, I buy the caskets
They should arrest you or whoever dressed you
Ain't 'gon stress you, but I'ma let you know
Girl you be killin 'em, you be killin 'em [3X]
Girl you be killin 'em, uh uh OHHHHHHH!!!!

[Verse 1: Fabolous]
You ain't gotta worry 'bout her, shorty straight
Been chasin her for two days, First 48
A bad bitch cost, she worth every cent
She look like the best money that I ever spent
Just watchin my cutie pie get beautified
Make me want better jewels, a newer ride
Louis Vuitton shoes, she got too much pride
Her feet are killin her, I call it shoeicide
Ha ha, lookin good has it's sacrifices
Chilly weather bring four figure jacket prices
Her body nice, face dime
Give you that iPhone 4, face time
Shorty in the streets, still handle the home
Enough class for wine, still handle Patron
When them other hoes call I hand her the phone
And she hand 'em the tone, uh uh OHHHHHHH!!!!


[Verse 2: Lil' Kim]
It's Kimmy Blanco, fly girl mercenary
See the closet like a chinchilla cemetary
Dade-saus made out of crocodiles
You couldn't find these shoes on forensic files
(Girl you be killin 'em) dirt nap time
CPR couldn't bring 'em back, flatline
Polo cardigan, when I yacht cruise
Michael Kors shades, Louis Vo shoes
I'm the new trend, I'm what's in
You hoes out of season, Kim's the reason
Gucci bicycle, I'm ridin on your broads
Prada backpack, mountain climbin on you broads
Dior mascara, Leron lip gloss
Creamy 101, I teach you how to floss
Killin 'em like an abortion place
Somebody wrap they casket in caution tape
(It's done here!)


[Outro: Fabolous]
You be killin 'em (Had to let you know) You be killin 'em
You be killin 'em, girl you be killin 'em, uh uh OHHHHHHH!!!!
(All the ladies, to all the ladies) You be killin 'em
(I like to congratulate you) You be killin 'em
(Congratulations) You be killin 'em, girl you be killin 'em
And you just came from the gym clothes
In a fitted cap and some Timbos
And a pair of flats well trimmed toes
Camera in the mirror BBM pose
Still killin them hoes, you still killin them hoes
You still killin them hoes, uh uh OHHHHHHH!!!!

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