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Album: Black Friday (2011)

Pussy Callin'

[Lil' Kim (Lil' Boosie)]
I'm your pusher girl, I'm your pusher girl
(You ever had a piece of pussy mayne, that be on yo' mind like money?)
Lil' Boosie, Lil' Kim be
{Lil' Boosie - hold your head you know what it is}
{Shout to the whole crew, name of the shit right here is called Pussy Talk}
{Aiyyo ladies you know Kim got'cha, let's go Big Mike!}
(Pussy, pussy, pussy, that pussy keep callin me)
I'm your pusher girl, I've got it
Bubonic, a-tomic (get me in trouble, that pussy keep callin me)
Yeah, I've got that bomb shit
(Get me in trouble)

[Lil' Boosie]
You ever had a piece of pussy so good and tight
That you hear that pussy talkin at night?
C'mere, lingerie drive you crazy when she put it on
Safe sex but sometimes I hate to put it on
Make me moan, grab my back and pull me deeper in
She catch 3, I catch 2, now I'm sleepin in
Miss Virginia take her time when she hit that head
She pull her long hair back and sit between my legs
It blow your mind when you got a dime
Who rub your nuts when you fuck her from behind
I ain't lyin! Somethin special 'bout her
Got me sneakin out the house like a fuckin mouse
And that pussy's so wet for me, she my ecstasy
Crazy!! Pussy damn near better than your old lady
I probably need to stop answerin the phone
Fuckin her I'll fuck around and have my family gone
She get me right when we fuck, yeahhhhh
She put ice on my nuts, yeahhhhh
Got me textin and shit, I ain't never text befo'
Got me eatin that pussy I ain't never ate befo'

That pussy keep callin me (keep on callin me, keep on callin me)
Get me in trouble
That pussy keep callin me (keep on callin me, keep on callin me)
I know I cain't lover her, but
that pussy keep callin me (keep on callin me)
(Keep on callin me, keep on callin me)
The pussy keep callin me (keep on callin me, keep on callin me)
Get me in trouble

[Lil' Kim]
My pussy on his mind, like a fitted cap
He stay on my line, like a phone tap
He strung off the cat, he love to stroke it
My strawberry haze, he wanna smoke it
And she turn into a tiger if you provoke it
Watered down pussy, super soak it
I leave him solid as a rock, turn his dick to stone
You know that kind of pussy, that break up happy homes
Like a cockatoo/cock-or-two, I ate up all his bread
Addicted to my top, he call it crack head
I love his (Doggystyle), I call him (Snoopy)
His friends say he fiend out, they call him Pookie


[Outro - over Chorus]
Can't forget, [?]
Chris whattup? Luch whattup baby?
Big Jeff, Freezo, Noel, Shorty Dupree
Elvis, Priest on the boards whassup?

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