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Album: Black Friday (2011)

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(One for the paper, and two for the money)
We takin no prisoners, Black Friday baby...
Lil' Kim, Big Mike, Big Fendi

I don't know what's goin on baby
What the hell is goin on baby
Used to take me to dinner
Used to take me shoppin now you askin me for my paper
It's my money, boy my money
I bet you'll never ever get another dime from me
No you can't use the phone, baby
I think you need to get your own...

[Keri Hilson]
Was lookin for a man to hold me down
So how'd I end up with youuuuuu?
Yeah, baby youuuuuuu
And as hard as I try
At times it gets hard, payin all these bills
The note on the car, so I don't need
no broke broke boy tryin to holla holla
So baby shut it up, please show me the dollars

[Chorus: Keri Hilson]
One for the paper, two for the money
Brand new bags, new shoes, yeah I want it
All my girls, fly girls get money [2X]
One for the paper, two for the money
Nails did, hair did, yup yup I want it
One for the paper, two for the money
All my girls, fly girls get money

[Lil' Kim]
Nope I ain't checkin for you broke ass niggaz
Kim only checkin for the dope boy niggaz
No no no I'm not a go-gold digger
I'm just tryin to say I got my own lil' nigga
Six-deuce Benz, you know the grown folks nigga
Niggaz like stock they got they own vote nigga
No middle man, hang your own coat nigga
Title to the Ghost, no car note nigga
Can't pay my rent wit'cho compliments
And I don't need a man with no accomplishments
Uh-uh, no whip, no job, no credit
Me and you is like Alzheimer's, forget it
If you was my sugar, I'd be diabetic
Your game like a old book, I already read it
It's money on my mind boy and you just a headache
I need a man with the full package like FedEx
Kim lil' bitches, Mafia La Bella
Money old like champagne in the cellar
Boy you need to split, like a cigarella
You ain't treatin me like a ATM teller
So fuck your lil' cheese, I got my own cheddar
So when they make it rain I open up my umbrella
Dior glass slippers, call me Cinderella
Your bank account like these new artists, undeveloped


[talking over Chorus]
Shout to all the supporters you already know what it is
Shout to all the haters equally it's all good
@LilKim on that Twitter
@BigMikeRuler on that Twitter
@BigFendi on that Twitter
#BlackFriday man

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