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Good Time

[Lil' Kim]
Uh, where's all my single ladies at?
Where's my single ladies at?
Single ladies clap your hands

They say my music too hard and my mouth too nasty
Clothes too tight and my ass too sassy
I'm a love goddess haven't you heard?
Jehovah's my witness, spread the word
And all scrubs get kicked to the curb
Before you holla at me throw a few dollars at me
I see you got a brick in your pants
Would you like a table dance?
The boss lady make you pay for the sex
Then shake my ass like I'm at a Greekfest
No cash, I take Traveler's Checks
For an extra five g's you can have my address
The things I do I take a real risk
A lot of people think that I'm a real bitch
Don't judge me by the words of this song
Cause the media they got me figured out wrong

1 - I don't want anybody to get the wrong idea about me
I ain't got nothing to hide, my pussy ain't for free
Just like the Benz I drive you out of your mind
Some people think that I'm nasty, I just like havin' a good time

[Lil' Cease]
Yo, yo, yo
Yo that single life shit, that be me
Front ass at the bar, where the chickens be?
Got two hoes, Tonya and Tiffany
Finger in the drawers and we downin' Henessy
Then I hit the door slide to the ride
Now I'm gettin' head in the Q-45
That's LV, minors is six and up
With the big atennas that be sittin' up
I'm livin' it up, drink Cris, piss in the cup
With a bunch of birds that willin' to fuck
I love life, no doubt so fuck a hoe and a wife
Peace and love to all my sluts and my dikes
Cease never treat a bitch nice
I wanna bitch that smoke and don't get an appetite
I fuck to die cause my mom fucked for me
That's why my niggas never sling dick for free
Feel me?

2 - I don't want anybody to get the wrong idea about Cease
I have no love for hoes, my dick just ain't for free
I keep a lot of pussy on my mind
Some people think that I'm nasty
I just like fuckin' all the time

[Lil' Cease]
See some niggas do, and some niggas don't
Pay for the pussy, some niggas won't
See, I ain't the type that can say I Don't
Once the bitch see the six, I ain't gotta do shit

[Lil' Kim]
You can be Cash and I'll be Tango
Bingo, you know just how this thang go
Niggas wanna get with me without the ching-ching dough
The Green Bling flow, I don't think so

[Lil' Cease]
I jumps out like Beotch! Who the fuck you with?
On some real Jigga shit, haters suck my dick
If you out for the ones then out come the guns
Once I call the duns, then out come the slugs

[Lil' Kim]
I got an island name Queen Bee
And a dog that's a Pickanese
What you call romancing, don't tickle my fantasy
Put your money where your mouth is, talk is cheap
Buy me a country and a monkey, or don't even come to me

Repeat 1

Repeat 2

[Lil' Kim]
Queen Bee
Lil' Cease

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