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Album: No Hooks (2016)

Direct Messages

My outwest shit nigga 290 shit nigga you already know how we rockin'
Get your guns up or get your funds up
You on that opp shit get mopsticked

These fuck niggas hate me already
Got a young nigga feeling like I made it already, bitch
I like my cheese with spaghetti fuckin' with my fetty you get woped brains like spaghetti, bitch
You hop up off that plane we extorting niggas
Nigga you's a mouse nigga you a house nigga
I got shooters from out south nigga, watch ya mouth nigga, late night
We pop out show you what we bout nigga
Ain't no room in my room pistols in the couch nigga
Got a room full of goons and we pointing out niggas
Lud Foe took his cookies cause he was a scout nigga
I'm gorilla mixed with killer I'll shoot it out with you
I hit the club with some thugs throwing dubs on yo baby momma
Hop up out the 'Rarri do the dash you'll think I was sonic
Boochie gang gang should be on Americas most wanted
I got yo bitch high thought she was gone die when she hit the chronic
Call up cago bring that tool he gone act a fool
If you snooze you gone make the news boy don't be no fool
The GD's the BD's will kill shit for me, but you know I'm 4CH Solid gang hard to deal with, bitch
Bitch, you fucking with me you gone hit the kill switch this pump will knock a dread out yo head when that steel hit it
I been on that savage shit and I'm still with it
Heard these fuck Niggas out of shape and I'm still fitted
Trappin out that bando sellin heroin
It all started out I was a shorty playing with bb guns
Went to school with my daddy tool I was a sneaky son
A lot of hallows you think you a bully come get you some
Turned 15 and I went and bought a tommy gun
Pull up serving Whitney had to show my uncle bobby sum
Who ain't got no check pussy boy we got a lot of funds
Got it out the mud bussing juggs till that profit come
Pussy better use your brain if you got it all
Nigga say he drinking lean he drinking Tylenol
That money hit me up nigga I ain't gotta call
These bitches eat me up gimme head till they lockjaw
We pull up get to shooting if you try and run them bullets chase
We do this shit professional the police come won't leave a trace
Aim at yo top when it drop I can see the sun
Them hallows hit yo chest leave it sticky like a piece of gum
Bitch I roll with thieves
Count blue cheese till my fingers numb
Selling cooca leaf I chief with the Mexicans
She say she want a feast feed her dick
She won't get a crumb
You know I'm in chiraq you can't come come where I'm from
That's yo ass pussy boy you trash get put in the dump
I stir it in the bowl make it cold like a chemist's
You snitching on yo niggas boy you told should've shutted up
Throwin shade I ain't got no blade but I'm cuttin' up
You the type of nigga get on then you leave niggas
I'm the type of nigga get on and I feed niggas
I'm a rock the club with my gang I don't need niggas
You better tuck yo chain be a stain or the victim
Bullets hit yo brain show no sympathy we treat Niggas
Get a body bad white sheet rest in peace nigga I'm lookin for that boy but I ain't playing hide and seek with him
We catch him in L'A while its hot let that heat hit him
I got a 40 Glock 30 shots up at these niggas
Then I pull up get to shooting hit that nigga and who be with him
Then we slam off in a Jaguar with the top off take her top off no lil cost bitch this shit cost
I'm a fat nigga B.O.N bitch I'm big boss, I'm a trap nigga get 'em in then we send em off
Say you at the top bullets hot knock yo top off
That shotty hit yo body put a body on my sawed off
Serving dope to the dope fiends make em nod off
Fuck a hoe sell a hoe dreams then I drove off

I'm sending direct messages
I'm sending direct messages
I'm sending direct messages
I get money calls and textes
I'm sending direct messages
I'm sending direct messages
I'm sending direct messages
I get money calls and textes

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