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Album: No Hooks (2016)


Fuck nigga I ain't really with that rap beef
I'm from where they clap heat, think this shit sweet?
My young niggas off them pills, on that bullshit
My daddy told me never leave the house without a full clip
I heard niggas dissing on my name, cause I got some fame
Close range, bullets hit yo face, it won't look the same
Snitching on yo mans, heard you're wired up
We pop up with them Glocks, hit yo block, leave it fired up
Run with the pigs, you get hog tied up
Have my mask on, left no evidence, fuck a lineup
Dope P's, say my dope strong, make they heart buss
Young nigga, I got more cream than a Starbucks
Diamonds on my motherfucking neck like a starburst
I'm a player, I could pimp a hoe, make her heart hurt
Riding 30" forgiatos, bitch we call em skrts
Big bag on ya lil head, run off with that work
Bitch bad and she super thick, and she got that work
Hit ya block, sideways, put this Bentley on the curb
We hit ya block, Broad day, leave a nigga on the curb
Fuck nigga tryna beef with me, when he from the burbs
I still keep my steal, still off a pill
I'm still Lil Will, and I still do the drill
I don't drip bitch I spill
Fuck nigga what's the deal?
I never signed a deal, still worth a couple mill
Mom's still praying for me cause her son in the field
Boy you say that that's yo mans, get in that jam, he gone squeal
Got some young hot niggas and they ain't got no chill
I been flexing on these broke niggas, tell me how you feel
In Miami running with the Haitans
Bitch we llama'd up
Hit the mall, fuck it up, bitch I'm comma'd up
You want beef, like the DJ, bitch I'm drama'd up
We kick ya door with duct tape, gift wrap ya mama up
Why these niggas hating on me? Cause I'm styling
I be wilding, my diamonds blue like an island
I be balling, these fuck niggas, they be fouling
Pull up Ferrari, these bitches blush, they be smiling
Riding with this Mac on the side on me
I'm tryna fight these demons inside of me
Motherfuck the judge cause I know she tired of me
You ain't a killer nigga who you tryna be
I got this long nose.44, I call it Robo
Clown ass, dissing in yo raps, you's a Bozo
We let these bullets fly, aim high, nigga duck low
My plug send me drugs, and I sell it by the boat load
My yellow bitch ass fat, and she got that work
Hit the club, VIP, with my pistol in her purse
I'm the plug, I got what you need, what you wanna purch'
Smoking weed, it ain't got no seeds, you be smoking dirt
Like a BBQ, stakeout, I have my niggas on alert
Remember hitting Frank's now I'm taxing niggas for a verse
Back in the day, when I was broke I would've snatched a purse
I'm a lose screw, get a check, like it was the first
Fuck a bitch, then I fuck her friend, you know I'm a flirt
Call my phone, I ain't pick it up, now her feelings hurt
I'm blowing strong, kush my cologne, I be smoking Earth
Them hollowtips demolish yo bones, boy these bullets hurt
Pornstar, she got on thongs, I like how she twerk
That's a foreign car, left right that wheel, make it SKRT SKRT
Trapping out that bando we got soft and hard work
I can't stop, made it to the top, it took hard work
Fuck nigga do something
Fix ya face nigga
FN, pencil led bullets, I'll erase niggas
Alien, I be when them outer space killas
If you ain't talking about no money won't conversate with ya
We lawnmower, cut your grass if you a snake nigga
I'm harpo, beat that pussy like I'm a slave nigga
Tomorrow, it ain't promised, I'm a today nigga
And I fucked her but I can't promise her I'm a stay with her
Lucked up, got fucked up, he was a brave nigga
I'm a young nigga, I'm not a rapper bitch I'm a grave digger
I'm a kingpin, I cruise in a Benz, cause I'm a drug dealer
My Nina Ross, that bitch a boss, I buss a nut with her

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