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Album: Foreverrr, Part 1 (2014)

Give Up The Ghost

High time I go and give up the ghost
Look back on my life and all I see
Is a nerd obscured by weed and smoke
I worry I can't do it but I know
If I go for the low say bye to the high
A part of my heart might start inside
Might survive and lead a life I don't loathe
In spite of the pipe that don't glow.

Love weed, proceed to pack the bong
A done deed frontin like nothing's wrong
No breaks, wake and bake in bed
A mistake, a flake that's faking death
Love weed, pre-flicks hot boxin rides
During games, after everytime I died
But their fun not dumb just on their own
It was a lie I told to condone
I love weed, I burned lots of pape
Lost money, instead of finding fate
Don't miss it, don't even visit on holidays
White knuckles, buckled down my mind is made
Loved weed, what's new is missing booze
No beers seven years and I'm still confused
Life's weird now that I see it clear
But I'm here rather fight than fly from fear

[Chorus x3]

I'm a quitter go ahead call me names
My one hitter got me through college days
I would bug out, my dug out doled out the daze
Stuck my tongue out like the bum out at vmas
Just a joke living with my folks
After school, but I thought I was so dope
In the stairs staring at the wall
Smoking dope instead of making calls
Got a job but I was always high
Lost my job man I wonder why
I'm a slob my dunks were funkafied
Drink on and off but I'd be baking pumpkin pie
Moved away left my friends behind
They forged bonds I forged a brand that was mine
It caught on a career I clearly carved
I smoked bongs man I'm feeling starved
Came home all my friends had split
Lame zone yes I'll have a hit
Not the same your frames of reference change
Alone and stoned was sadly not my aim

[Chorus x3]

Looking back gives me an asthma attack
It's whick whack coulda been makin stacks
Talking smack in fact I lacked in tact
Too high my friends were taken a back
With regret wish I could edit every word
Never meant it won't forget the feelings hurt
It's no excuse the abuse was too absurd
I was a bully should've been the nerd
I was like this even before the weed
I try the fight this with every breath I breathe
I blamed others enemies were every place
A drunk Dad and brothers that hate my face
We all suffered it's something I now accept
They'd love it if I would just show some respect
Now I try it's harder than it sounds
But I don't hide inside the cloud I found


Advice it's something you may not need
It can be nice occasionally smoking weed
It might help keep calm no longer tense
It might help keep demons out your head
If your sad, you think your life Is shit
It went bad like something in your fridge
Lose the bag and save your money kid
Take a breath, try to resist a bit
I'm still me, even without the weed
I love life, I even have time to read
I have a wife, she's the best to me
It's alright to control your destiny
I prefer it, before I was blurred and mean
I feel current though nobody's heard of me
That's cool, I'm just here to burn the beat
Old school, nerdy eternity
I'm not done, I still have lots of plans
Write a book hopefully start a fam
Buy a house all I want is to own some land
Got it all as long as she holds my hand
Next time you find you need a fix
Or you're pissed and need a dog to kick
Ask why? What the fuck started this.
No lies love yourself like Chris.

[Chorus x3]

Go and give up the ghost [x6]

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