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Album: No Label (2013)

Dirty Dancing

[Pre-Hook: Quavo]
Drop top Phantom, pull in at my mansion
I got hoes in the kitchen and they dirty dancing
Dirty dancing, dirty dancing, dirty dancing

[Hook x2: Quavo]
Drop top Phantom, pull in at my mansion
I got hoes in the kitchen and they dirty dancing
Oh she dirty dancing, yeah she dirty dancing
Oh she dirty dancing, yeah she dirty dancing

[Verse 1: Quavo]
Oh she dirty dancing, whip it with no panties
Oh my God I like it, I might make her wifey
Young Quavo so icey, yeah her whip game pricey
What out for them snakes in the grass, cause you know them niggas be sheisty
Pull up to my mansion, shawty in the kitchen dirty dancing
Her whip game is romantic, and her head game is outstanding
I pull up in that black and white, call me Marilyn Manson
I go to the jeweler cash out on the VVS cause my ice is dancing
Try to run away with my pack I take your whole family and hold them up for ransom
Wear Louis V on the red carpet now they flashing with they cameras
Every time I go the the vip I got these hoes telling me I'm handsome
Can't go nowhere with the goons because they always calling them animals

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2:]
I got bitches dirty dancing, cook it in my mansion
Temptations on my neck and wrist, they singing and they dancing
Pull up in the drop top Phantom, black and green like Danny Phantom
Hop out like a celebrity, Young Takeoff no vegetarian
But I love my broccoli and that celery
On the block, serving up [?], smoking marijuana like a cigarette
On the phone with Hornito talking bout Marilyn and that heroin
I got birds and you know they gon' haul
[?] trap game, he a dog
Pop bands like [?]
In the kitchen with my Terminator arm
I show love to the niggas in the slums
Know J's that'll kill for a crumb
Got M-16, AR-15, know niggas plugged in with a bomb
Getting money like lil' Willow
[?] at the peak like widow
Pull up in that Lambo, look like armadillo

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3: Quavo]
No Ashton Kutcher, I am not a punk
I'm smoking on about half a skunk
Got birds off in the back of the trunk
No B.E.T but I wrap them up
He say he wanted them overseas, like UPS I ship 'em out
My trap ain't never gonna run out, unless there is a money draught
And there ain't no need for a bank account
I got bands in the floor at Grandma house
Call the plug and he'll send it over
Cause he already know what my money about
Got the J's calling my shit Mike Tyson
One hit and it'll knock your lights out
The hood calling me president cause I'm trapping out of the White House
The whole hood they praise me, my attitude is cocky
Cause I walk around with that crack rock and everybody call me Rocky
My left pocket is sloppy, my right pocket identical
Quavo just smashed [?] 2 bad bitches, identical

[Hook x2]

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