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Album: Rich Nigga Timeline (2014)

Pop That

Oooh, this for my bad bitches cross the country
You know it's about that time right?
Time to pop it nasty!

The way she shake that ass, she make me wanna make a million babies
The way she shake that ass, she make me wanna make a million babies
The way she shake that ass, she make me wanna make a million babies
The way she shake that ass, she make me wanna make a million babies
Pop that, pop it, pop that, pop it, pop that, pop that booty
Pop that, pop that, pop that, pop that, pop that booty
Ball, pop it, ball pop it, ball pop it, pop that booty
Ball, ball, ball, ball pop that booty
Pop it

Quavo wanna see you pop it nasty
Lil mama so thick, look like Kim Kardashian
But no I'm not wifing, young nigga passin'
She making Impala at the 4th of July
She know I got millions, no need to lie
Tattoo on her booty is a butterfly
I bet when she make it pop, it's gonna fly
Soda pop booty, she poppin' her booty like popcorn, and it's wobblin'
Wanna take her home, when I get in the room, when I get the pussy, I'm a dive in it
She make me wanna have a million babies, when she poppin' the booty, hop-scotchin' it
I reach in my pocket, I slap her on the ass, told her she better not stop poppin' it
Everybody know that she a cutie
You keep spendin' money, she make you foolish
But look at me, Young Quavo, I'm a do it
She poppin' it on me, she make me lose it
I run out of cash, hit the ATM
I'm livin' my life like the game of Sims
She stump the booty on me like a pair of Timbs
I end up leavin' the club at 6 AM


Freaky deaky, pussy drippin', leakin'
White girls, I got jungle fever
Her booty jumpin', every beat out the speaker
Hit her one time, then I leave with the leader
Run around, jump up and down like a pogo
I brought the camera, we might make a porno
I had to pop her up, my game for a makeover
Private jet to LA, we don't do layovers
Piercings in her nipple, piercings in her dimple, pop it like a pimple
She nasty, bet you didn't know her daddy a pastor, laughter
She in my trap while she poppin' the castle
Speed it up, then she go slow
Grippin' that pussy, do the tootsie roll
She go harder than the concrete
Italian tailor, Givenchey
Money longer than a bungy
All this damn gold like a treasury
Lick on me like I am licorice
Burkin bag, she an expensive bitch
She ratchet, she still got the kinky twist
Pop it, pop it, in my Bentley bitch


The way that she suckin it, I might be taking it
Breaking it but no relationship
Bigger booty, no big booty Judy
Her pussy wet when she get on that percocet
She looked at my hand, saw it full of bands
Put a little bit, bitch pop that
I'm throwin' cash, cash, all niggas see is ass
It must be an ass attack
Do you want some of these old hundreds baby?
I'm talkin' older than Thundercats
She shakin', she know her ass fat
Got me thinkin' where is her momma at
All the bitches starin' at you in the club
Cause they know that you be poppin' that
She breakin' it, makin' the club shake
She done gave her old man a heart attack

She shakin' like she care, look in the mirror
No ass shots, her booty real
She poppin' her nigga no Activis here
Bad bitches tell me how you feel
All my rich niggas stand in the mirror
Mirror, mirror, it's a million here
Migo chain lookin' like chandeliers
Shakin that ass like it's fast and furious


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