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Album: Cursed With A Blessing (2014)

Breakin Rules

[Hook x2:]
We them dudes bitches want to choose Jordan on our shoes
Flexin' shit check my neck and wrist swag drip from my jewels
Haters sick cause that paper thick take off with your boo
Breakin' rules sneakin' with the tool you know how we move

[Verse 1 - Talley of 300:]
Bag his bitch now he mad as shit he ain't gotta trip
I hit and quit she ain't stackin' chips he can have that bitch
I'm a pimp ho I'm 'bout a grip so get on your shit
Or you can get cause it's plenty fish and this bait on my wrist
Fly ain't gotta try and got these bitches choosing
Pick a winner hit with this dick I bet she lose it
Yeah cause I'm that dude and when it come to these hoes I'm a fool
But this ain't nothing new
We major and got hella flavor bitches want to taste us
Know they say life is what you make it and we makin' paper
Fuck the law they will never take us haters lookin' flagrant
Still we ball and stick to the script just like a narrator
Steppin' flexin' ain't no way 'round it
These haters hate but we won't play 'bout it naw
I keep that MAC my broski got the shotty
Ain't nothing leave up out this bitch and catch a body


[Verse 2 - Montana of 300:]
I hit the scene I be super clean these hoes break their necks
When I flex step through like Jerome tell hoes stop the press
Bitch I'm fresh everyday a [?] Jordan on my feet
I'm a king but not like Lebron I stay with the heat
Yeah fly guys in this bitch you know we get shit crackin'
And we turnt up in this bitch everybody brought ratchets
Real niggas no actin' even though we 'bout action
Smooth criminal like Mike Jackson boy this shit is deeper than rappin'
Take no L's give a fuck 'bout 12 boy we aim for shit
Forty bang and this ain't a game we don't play that shit
Been gettin' money since a youngin' hustlin' Rico, Ace, and Mitch
Take your bitch have her takin' trips just to make you flip
And when we cruise girl you set the mood and you super smooth
Toss you bands baby count the loot double count it too
Give me brain take me straight to school like I had no clue
We get [?] shawty tuck the tool you know what to do


[Verse 3 - Jayln Sanders:]
Ohh we breakin' rules baby
I see you lookin' I'm the one you want to choose baby real nigga no fugazy
Jordan on my shoes not tryna be rude
But I take ya from your boo then I show you what it do
I'm just in the club with my niggas takin' pictures with stacks and I ain't worried 'bout nothing shawty
All my niggas brought straps, all my niggas ball out, all my niggas got dough
And when I with my niggas I swear everywhere that we go


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