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Album: Cursed With A Blessing (2014)

Game Of Pain

I remember coming home back from the store
To my Momma smoking crack on the stove
Back then we was lackin' the dough
Never would've thought one day I'd be baggin' up O's
Pack in a pole, standing on the Ave with the fours
Feeling like Shaq in the post
Now a nigga rappin' at shows, gettin' cash for the flow like turn up swag on 'em hoes
(Then I gotta thank god)
Thank god we ain't broke no mo', ain't gotta kick doors no mo'
Ain't gotta sell dope no mo', ain't it funny all of sudden all the hoes gon go
Momma told me boy spit that pain, bet the whole world gon' chant yo name
Nigga I'm blessed I can't complain, I'm one of one I can't complain
No days off man niggas ain't train like this, street nigga with aim like this
Feeling like Mike in a game like this, got me thinking I could really make change like this
If I slang like this and I hang like this wit my chain like this bunch of rings like this
Pull up on a nigga in a range like swish, switchin' hands on 'em when I drive the lane like this
But it ain't like that, that's the reason why I came like that
Everywhere I go I bring my strap, cause these outsiders tryna block
When they see you headed to the top and I let the 40 bang like that
Watch his brain go splat, keep it movin' if you ain't on that
Once I do it boy I can't go back, I been at niggas heads like a kangol hat
Got more fire than a lighter boy you ain't no match
You don't know my struggle, you don't my grind, you don't know the thoughts going thru a nigga mind
You don't know my past, you don't my path, you don't my wrath, nah pussy nigga you don't know the half
You don't know my cash, you don't know my math, you don't know the racks that a nigga done had
You don't know about the ungrateful muthafuckas talking down when a nigga got down to his last
Real nigga bounce back, you don't know my stash
You don't know the snakes, you don't even mow the grass
You don't know the good, you don't know the bad
You don't know the goodtime, you don't know the sad
You don't know the real, you don't know the will, you don't know ill, my nigga you don't know the feel
You don't know the deal, you don't know the drill when we in the field all my niggas know when to kill
You gotta go hard man I promise it ain't no love in these streets boy
Once had hoop dreams but then got turned in to a D-boy
Risking my freedom so the ones I love can eat boy
This world is cold it's only right I keep that heat on
Nigga I don't trust shit, fuck yo assumptions, I ain't got time for the fuck shit
Boy I from the city where they grind, liftin' nine, niggas dyin' in the mind, and the blind is corrupted
We bringing that toast, since a yougin' I was told shit happen
Gotta be on point like a cactus, momma kept the blade in the mattress
Daddy kept a gun in the dresser, wish a nigga would come test us
My nigga I done live the frontline, and I takeover when it's clutch time
Why you waitin' on a punchline, I hope you ready when it's duck time
Cuz I'm liftin' two 45's like I pump iron
Runway down the one way admiration for the gun play
I hope I don't catch another gun case
And it seem like the people that you do the most for be the ones fake
And Shawty told you that she love you, always be there for you, claim she'll do anything for you
Soon as a nigga go to jail and get time you gon find she was lying man these bitches ain't loyal
We all fall for the devil's tricks, nailing chicks that be hella thick
I'm selling shit to get hella chips, addiction got us hella sick
Only God is the medicine all the other shit is irrelevant
We got eat in this world full of greed everybody want a big bite
I swear to God in this life ain't shit right
I got niggas up in jail talented as hell but can't get right
I from the bottom came from nada but I promise you gon see us take flight like a big kite
I'm still a nigga that yo bitch like, shit tight [?] try me both hands on the 12 like midnight
And you don't want to feel a gauge nigga
You don't want to hear pump sound
You don't want to feel the rage nigga
Didn't I tell you I don't fuck around, I put an end to your age nigga
You don't want to meet your gravedigger, I don't give fuck about a cage nigga
I know the pain like a slave nigga to me it's just another day nigga
I never fail to amaze but I'm stuck up in my ways nigga

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