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Home >> MONTANA OF 300 >> Real Long
Album: Cursed With A Blessing (2014)

Real Long

Real long
That nigga Real home
I done put my nigga Real on
That money real long

All these bitches on my dick they know it's real long
Haters hate cause they know that money real long
But they don't play cause they know we keep that steel on
.30 and that .40 shorty that clip real long
Real long
R-R-R Real long
Haters hate cause they know that money real long
Real long
R-R-R Real long
.30 and that .40 shorty that clip real long

I got so much swagger I could share some
I'm headed for the top like a flare gun
Bitch montana got that money in a bear hug
And I'm just balling with my dog SWISH Airbud
Lil mama body nice I hope that head mean
She like when I flash that .40 with the red beam
I swear these hoes go nuts when my dreads swing
I get in they bed and then I bounce them like a bed spring
So many on me, niggas think that I'm pimping
I make these hoes fall in love [?] And then I slide My dick in
Old hoes still wanna lick it
Fake niggas wanna kick it
I get money and admit it
Man I can't lie I'm addicted
Boy I'm your connect, Connect
And I got a beautiful ticket
This money out here, We out here
I tell my niggas let's get it
If any nigga feel different, I hit his ass with the Smith &
Stay strapped like click it or ticket I give you fuckboys the business MONTANA


[J Real:]
Fresh up out the motherfucking pinho
Still getting dough selling nindo
Bitch I'm from the south where we kick goals
Shout out my homie Tony that's my big bro
Bitches on my dick they glad that Real home
Playing in my hair because it's real long
Fuck a Trap I'm booming off the cellphone
Bullshit you know that's what Real on
.30 up with my .40 them bitches glide like Jordan
I shoot niggas like you nigga
Just to show I ain't going
My young niggas they rolling
Know I can't control them
Bad bitch with me going, I'mma catch it when she throw it
Selling drugs is my occupation
I done rob niggas
I done caught cases
I done went to jail
I done got out and got right back to stacking paper
Swag ass bitch that money long
J Real leave him alone
Unless you don't want to live long
That .40 cal clip real long


Bitches on my (Uh Huh)
Bitches on my dick
Got a house around my neck
And got a car sitting on my wrist
And the way a nigga shining they be asking who I'm signed to
Boy I got so much mother fucking money I could sign you
I'm breaded up, My partners too
We fucking paid no prostitutes
Your bitch on my Popsicle
Getting brain while I'm riding through
Red bitch that's gonna suck and fuck
Steel on me no sucker punch
J Real he be double cupped
FGE what the fuck is up
So fly I'm in Heaven fam
Stay fly I won't never land
I'm so caked up I'm married to the money I got wedding bands
He pissed like he wet his pants
Think twice, yea you better fam
.30 and that .40 and that shorty feel like Megaman
Just know if I want you my nigga I'mma come haunt you
Come to your spot with that gun out
Find you then air you the fuck out
So nigga stop with that fronting
I'll put a end to that fussing
Montana been out here bussing
Ain't got these teardrops for nothing 3hunna


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