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Album: Cursed With A Blessing (2014)

Broski Nem

My broski nem [x6]

[Hook x2:]
Got dough my broski nem
Bank rolls for my broski nem
I done hit the road
I done went to shows
Hit the same hoes with my broski nem
Never snitch on my broski nem
I empty clips for my broski nem
Represent for my broski nem
My broski nem [x2]

[Verse 1 - Montana of 300:]
All these niggas hate cause I'm the man
I got bands in my hands in my pants
It's FGE you wanna see you gotta pay 'em
And just to think I started off on 14 grams
I keep heat on me like I'm tryna get a tan
So niggas better stay in line just like some crayons
Boy don't think I'm playing I'll show you what I'm saying
I go Super Saiyan when I up, click clack and spray 'em
I done ran the streets with my broski nem
Hitting licks with my broski nem
Trick vicks and even switch chicks
And I'm a get rich with my broski nem
Felt the pain I done felt the rain
Been through the cold my broski nem
This shit deep and ain't shit sweet
Boy you don't know my broski nem
I swear I love my broski squad
And everywhere we go we toast the squad
That's my word
All I gotta do is get my broski nem the word
30 from that 40 bet you motherfuckers burn
Dirty boys for life we done put niggas in the dirt
Put niggas on them shirts yeah
And I done stayed down my broski nem
Gave pounds to my broski nem
You get laid down when I spray rounds
Don't play 'round with my broski nem

[Hook - Montana of 300]

[Verse 2 - J Real:]
My broski nem, my broski nem
[?] cash and Tony nem
I done did a bunch with them
Kicked doors with them, fucked hoes with them
Boy I had some niggas thought was broski but had ho in them
I swear niggas crazy go to jail they try fuck yo BM
Police pulled me over with that sack over 500 grams
Even though they tried to give me ten they tell 'em broski nem
Don't know what they thought this was, can't tell on my plug
That's my broski he make sure I'm good, taught me how to juge
Fuck with me, yeah I wish you would, show your ass what's good
Came from the bottom, I did what it took, all you did was look
Now we on and that money's long, blowing stupid strong
Thotiana say she wanna roll, gotta do the bros, gang

[Hook - Montana of 300]

[Verse 3 - Talley of 300:]
Love and loyalty, don't start with me, they war with me
And before we got through the fog it wasn't hard to see
The ones who would stay down if It had to come to making niggas lay down
We got it from the playground yeah
And the ones still around don't play around they spray around
And RIP my broski nem I'm praying hard and still hoping them
In silence I spoke for them, tuggin' hard on that rope for them
Badges off let's toast for them
Burn one blow smoke for them
Got kids to feed I'm gon' go for them
Tryna get it just to give it I'm coaching them
And broski nem gon' side, ride and die for a nigga
Grind, cut that pie and give a slice to a nigga yeah
And I do the same I know they do no changes
It's ingrained until I'm a grave
Fuck you man huh

[Hook - Montana of 300]

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