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Album: Cursed With A Blessing (2014)

Play Doe

[Hook x2:]
Designer clothes this man be rockin' labels
Hella bands rubber bands 'round hella bank roll
Hella bitches probably slip dick in your main ho
But watch what you say tho, I promise he don't play doe

[Verse 1 - Montana of 300:]
It's mister let that forty bang bitch I do my thang
Someone go tell Eddie Cain that I'm 'bout to make it rain
I got Prada, I got Louis, I got Gucci on me
I swear all the bitches want to put that coochie on me
I'm off the chain bitch like Django
Up in a Range Rover up dick on your main ho
You could keep your heart shawty, I just want the brain doe
And I be coming off the top, volcano
Up in the Gucci store I got hella bank roll
Big spending 'round this bitch, tornado
Gucci rain boots I'm 'bout to make it rain dough
Stacks on top of stacks bitch it look like I'm stacking lego
Connected like some cables, I got hella pesos
Pounds of that loud ya'll could call a nigga pedro
I blow yo ass away doe, give yo ass a halo
When I put that steel in yo face like Kano


[Verse 2 - Montana of 300:]
I be poppin' tags bitch I got that bag
A crib with hella swag every bitch I fuck is bad
I got bitches, I got money, I got stacks on deck
I swear everywhere I go there's hella straps on deck
Got my killer with me and they shinin'
And three bitches with me Frankie Lymon
When in the club I make two of 'em sneak the iron in
We break the law like fuck a badge and fuck a siren
Bitch I'm racked up go get yo racks up
I stay strapped up I dare yo ass to act up
Big thumper on my hip nigga [?]
I whack you and add another tattoo
Yeah I be ballin' but mention my name
And I'm roll up with that heat like Lebron James
And I don't say shit all I know is spray shit
I stick that pump inside yo whip gas station


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