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Album: #wakedafucup (2014)


Nigga's sleeping better Wake the fuck up
Cuz' we ain't having it, Drink the fuck up
Bloody Murder you get Ate the fuck up.
Your whole crew we will Break the fuck up.

[Fredro Starr:]
You better than us
The fuck will spark the East coast up, oh shit
The fuckin' beast woke up, from out of deep sleep
Niggas is borin', fucking all these weak beast
The beast was snorin', now the beast is hungry
Stomach is growlin, nigga ribs and such
And now it's stuck in the island
Motherfucker is smilin', but nobody smilin'
'cause where I'm from, motherfuckers niggas we wallin'
And the wolves be howling
Mines be golden, cars be stolen
We're coming out the gutter, like fuck it we bowlin'
The shit that I'm holding
Niggas talk shit, put the 5th to your colon.


[Sticky Fingaz:]
Oh shit, you don't woke up the monster
I smell rappers, no wonder
It's obvious, that I got to comfta -bull
And all these rappers now a days is bull- shit
You call her fool like a bitch
Lala you signin' and dancin', you bitch!
You need to loosen up your clothes nigga
And leave the dancing to them hoes nigga
Hip-hop started out with the block
I fall asleep at the wheel, then shit crashed in the park
When I speak, the hood got they ears up spock
And I'mma leave my walker
You gotta get hit with the ox
Bitches you know
Nigga you know [x3]
Am I wrong?, hip hop need a face lift
And what better face than the mad face to get

[Chorus x2]

[Skits Vicious:]
Blades and numbchucks
Blaze and gun shots
When I'm done they can break their guts up (motherfucker)
This heat turn your face to slush pup
Ride to hell, this is satan's bus stop
Got a hot bitch, cuffed-up
Take the drugs, love, you get raped then butt fuck
I snore the speed then I wake the fuck up
Kind of off topic but hey
I'm somewhat crazed, than drunk off
Jamaican rum shots
White boy's cables cut off
Angels dust drops, how that taste?
D.O.D. mad face, post haste

[Jay Reaper:]
Niggas got no taste, but when I'm looking that fuckers in the figures
We hard body karate, Killuminati niggas
I'm a cost apostle hip-hop we deliver
You niggas pop so I'll poppin a shot in you liver
Try to copy what I gotta no copy you chop
Niggas they clamin' they heartless, but put 2 on yo' mama'
Brain stickin' in your head then it lookin like pasta
Ain't speaking cause you dead on the floor, an impostor
See I'm obsessed with this sport
Less than I'm core
Reppin' with the Onyx, Niggas back with the force
We back in this war, we back in, of course
So all ya' boot legged nigga get yo' ass to the store

[Chorus x2]

You're sleeping, beds is burning
Keep sleeping, beds is burning [x2]
Keep sleeping, keep sleeping

Keep sleeping, beds is burning [x3]
Keep sleeping, keep sleeping

[Chorus x2]

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