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Album: Magic City

Two Step Feat. Jatis

Background chipmunk: And If u love me like u say u do X 2

Bobby Creekwater:

Yeah... here we go again -Jatis
U've gotta be with P. Money to see money man
This is for all the grown folks, out there... doin that 2 step thang (Come Dance with me) I feel ya
I put the pedal to the metal and the feet came by
introduce her to the birds and the street came by
Small talk is no necessity
Hit her with the recipe
She's teelin me to roll a B and u can c the rest of me
Came from the gutter home stutter i ain't got time
in case u ain't noticed my phone jumpin' like a hotline
hand on my 10 tryin' ta figure how she got fine
Attention is limited and damn if she ain't got mine
like some crisps n cream when they turning on the hot sign
Said I'm tryin' ta sell her she just smiled and she stopped lyin'
Said I'm for real, my intention ain't the creep
U a blessing that some dressin here's some sh*t u gotta keep
P Game got the brains and the brawns and the fun
We can kick it till the day start to rain on the sun
So relax ur mind let ur body be free
ur no f*cking with a thug from B.G.O.V.


(Background chipmunk)
So two step girl, two step girl
Just take this stress and put that sh*t up on the shelf girl
uh, Two Step girl x2
U need a partner u can do that sh*t urself girl
Uh, Two Step girl x 2
Just take this stress and put that sh*t up on the shelf girl
Chipmunk (Tell Me)


When i think about u girl i can't get mad
Shawty had a great ass like Stacey Dash
And I can make u laugh a player feeling clueless
My niggaz laughin at me got me lookin foolish
But I heard she want me back i know it's custom bred
Now hold up u must got me twisted like jamaican dreads
Yeah and still I can sympathize with good times
On ur mama couch doin tha 69
In this day and time I'm hoppin' in and out of SUV's
Fu*kin foreign hoe's makin me some extra cheese
Hollerin' at P. Money doin showins overseas
And u with ur mac keep a trick up his sleeves
True indeed, i stay fresher than the average
Dropping hoe's on em like I'm Randy Savage
hit tha club and overdo it, live life lavish
Mr. official, but now she's sad cause she had..



I've been rich I've been poor
Hoe's found and lost em
My parkin lot pimp, if i don't like em i toss em
Awesome, with the game piece let my swacker speak
Throw a sale so i never let em play me cheap
Me n creek got 2 freaks in a suite callin'
Like that groupy love but i don't need her love Jone
U blowin up my, phone next u wanna key my ride
If u wanna know, "the grass is greener on the other side"


I make a move on em if i act cool on em
If they don't know no better creek gon' go to skool on em
God willin i'm here to exercise the tool on em
My uncle Vic he used to have to act tha fool on em
In any situation pull hoe's up by their socks
I sample the diction i ain't gotta sell em my rocks
A good dream and a mouthpiece, all it take
Just keep it pimpin' u ain't gotta give up all ur cake


(Chipmunk: Tell me... how can it be?)

Fade out
Yeeeahhh Oh won't u dance with me, wont u, won't u dance with me
uh, do tha 2 step baby 2 step girl baby
yeeea yeah yeahhh

Chipmunk Say yeah... how can it be?.....

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