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Home >> PANDEMONIUM >> A Journey Through Her Dusk
Album: The Autumn Enigma (2006)

A Journey Through Her Dusk

Voices within the chambers of darkness
From ancient dimensions
Spreading its spells
To gather the creatures of night
Midwinter silence in the snow-whirling storms
She's prepared for the supper, a taste of the cold
She looks at the mirror, utopia is faced
She laughs at the sight that she sees

The voices have come, to make her impure
To turn her soul to the devil's tool
The fruit of heaven's denial
Paralyzed by the greed

Reborn in a dream, infected with chaos
Her soul full of misanthropy
The voices are calling the spirits to come
To show the world tyranny
The gates are opening to another dimension
Only a few steps away
Her vagueness is suddenly taking a form
When her wishes are almost complete

Innocence gone, living through a holocaust
In darkness and cold winter grief
Desires and lust, leading all her faith
To dwell in the five-pointed star
Facing the fright, the dimension she chose
Was the call of the night
Kissed by the wolf and thrown into torment
She was introduced to horrors
Even the demons would fear

She looks outside her window
Can you feel the smells of angels around you?
A new day is dawning in the dungeon's fog
A tear of silence falling, forgotten and gone

So lonely, so helpless
The child is dancing all the night in pain
Supreme is the darkness
It will never let her be
So senseless, and endless
Ravishing the only gleam that she holds dear
The call of the voices will never disappear

Erased is the daylight
In the eyes of the bride
Gone are the moments she cherished
Her choice was a step in the night

Infected is the chalice
That she has to taste, with infinity
Infested by demons
The beauty is bound to decay

The eyes were full of defiance
When it was time to depart
The journey ended in silence
A lifetime away
The voices promised to give her
Jewels and gold
Instead a gown of torment
Dressed her eternally

Pictures of pain are painted
But no one can see
The colors that show the madness
Of this tragedy
Despite the human nightmare
A try to arise
But left in the hands of darkness
It's only a scream in the night

Dark waters, dead roses
There's nothing left to be
It's time to face the god
Who forsake thee

Oh, upon the crimson sky she sees
That dreams are not like reality
So cold and full of deception and pain
Illusions starting to make her insane
The face is gone in oblivion
Prepare to sleep with the dead
No faith remains in the fallen one
It's time to take the last step

Mortals are calling the dead
To dance in the storms of midnight
To put a price on thy soul
Withering voices are calling, burning, crying
Silently falling apart
In the eyes of the human addiction
Of flesh and endless desires
The beast has taken its form
Human is equal with evil
Afflicting its own inner self

Sitting with her thoughts
Imagining there is another place
With joyful gratitude
The nightmare will soon begin again
It's time to satisfy the heartless
Feed the cold grotesque

Released from its prison
But there's no place to hide
Haunted by the voices
Unconscious by the noises
The darkside has shown its might
Remember what they told thee
Nauseous little lady
Escaping will only bring you
Closer to the darkness
And closer to your grave
To the aeons deepest depths
Her breathing has increased
And the last hope has deceased
From the face of her empty soul
Running on the nails
Of this twisted fairytale
There is only one end to this night
Searching for a place
Where to drop this cold disgrace
To erase those things that are left
Flying without wings
Distinguishing the stings
Her eyes are closed finally

Only a few steps away...
Her vagueness is suddenly taking a form
When her wish is almost complete
The voices have come to make her impure
To turn her soul to the devil's tool
Reborn in a dream, infected with chaos
Her soul full of misanthropy
The voices are calling her spirits
To come, to show the world tyranny
Now when she sits with the answers in heaven mistakes from the past are erased
But the darkness will cover the walls
In our souls, since we're widows
From this tragedy

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