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Album: The Autumn Enigma (2006)

Engender's Palette

(As the last last beams of light fade away from the horizon,
Leaving us with nothing but dark and
Indistinct figurines from the lantern,
Dancing and swirling among us.
Their lifelike shapes, grasping for our sanity
As dim palms fondling our minds.
We sit silent in dread, as a soughing wave of voices
Shed the names of the fallen in the final battle of...)

Oh, the tale of a graven misery
The tale which forever will haunt us
But in a story told, a truth will unfold
A plague upon the world is foretold

As our light burns out
The terrifying shapes take form
Come to life, to liquidate us all
We try to flee the scene, escape by any means
Tumult breaks out, we're trapped, we're stuck
We find ourselves chained to a wall
Our lives are at stake, the chains will not break
Though the power of a sane mind, focusing
Should be enough to make this horror disappear
The images are still in our heads
Bloodshed, terror, frightening horror
Howling beasts and tragic sorrow

A key, masked as a tale
Once told it brings the end one step closer
Relapse of what we have seen
Evil so pure and so clean
Damnation awaits the one
Who shall back down and not turn the key
A stinging beam of light flashes before our eyes
We tumble hard to the ground
The visions still ablaze though still undefined
We run across the fields but something's holding us back

A creature of the past will stir up these serene lands
This abomination's reign of chaos will
Once be restored again
Time is slipping away from our hands
As evil prevails there's nothing more
There's nothing left to save.
Nothing left to save!

Oh, cruel fate has come
Agonizing pain, suffering, will end us all
Mankind's fall

But the tale, fallen into oblivion
Has a passage to undo these creatures
Reading it converse, would lift this curse
Sight to the blind, speech to the mute, the book must be found
The search to prevent an apocalypse has begun.

Our bravest were sent to the origin from which
The sacred words were first spoken
Retrieving these would restore harmony and order to our lands
But the things they saw on their path were without a doubt
The most vile and atrocious things any man has ever seen before
The longer from home they came
The more irascible became their surroundings
Til the search came to its final end...

The fields of death were left behind
Those still alive retrieved
What they were there to find
The end of our search has just begun

The sweetest voice of benevolence
Was heard clearer by every read word
The deformed landscapes were slowly
Rebuilt by the succors
These creature's vain reign, trespassing our domain
One by one, atropys as daylight comes
Lurking, distorting, we are now free from this misery

The powers engraved tore us apart
Turning man on each other
A battle we can not win, a battle we can not lose
The enchanting words of pagan songs blessing this tale
A torrent of life, shoals of souls
Restoring our world for the future
The destruction we have seen, we wean from filth to clean
As buried alive we struggle for our minds to grow sane

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